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Thread: Dragons of Autumn Twilight the Movie

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    Default Official Dragons of Autumn Twilight Movie Information Thread

    Alrighty folks, the game is for real now =)
    Please be sure to look at the movie page for more direct information

    update 7/14 --

    Cast List

    Tanis Half-Elven - Michael Rosenbaum

    Raistlin Majere - Kiefer Sutherland

    Goldmoon - Lucy Lawless

    Flint Fireforge / Fewmaster Toede -Fred Tatasciore

    Tika Waylan - Michelle Trachtenberg

    Caramon Majere -Rino Romano

    Tasslehoff Burrfoot - Jason Marsden

    Fizban The Fabulous - Neil Ross

    Sturm Brightblade - Mark Worden

    Riverwind & Gilthanas - Phil Lamarr

    Bupu - Jentle Phoenix

    Laurana - Caroline Gelabert

    Takhisis - Nikka Futterman

    The Forestmaster -Mari Weiss

    Elistan -Ben McCain

    Pyros - Dee Bradley Baker

    Flamestrike - Susan Silo

    Onyx - Juliette Cohen

    Director -- Will Meugniot
    Writer/Adaptor -- George Strayton

    Production companies -- The film is being produced by Toonz Animation, Commotion Pictures and Epic Level Entertainment, with conceptual artwork from Kunoichi and others. Paramount Pictures will be looking after worldwide distribution.

    Release date -- Autumn 2007

    According to the FAQ, the movie will be a combined 2d/3d animation in the style of the DL comics.

    More info as we have it, folks.

    Quote Originally Posted by snifferdo
    You might want to check out these links...

    Looks like the cats out of the bag.

    Let the speculation commence!
    This post will be updated as we recieve more information =)
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    Default Dragons of Autumn Twilight the Movie

    Dear Friends,

    I really wanted to wait until we could make the WAHOO Big Announcement on the dragonlance movie site (which is coming any day now, so keep watch!). But since Lucy Lawless gave us away, I'll let you know what's going on. Paramount Studios is making Dragons of Autumn Twilight as a full-length, adult, animated movie. I'll let the movie site provide you with details on the director, screen play writer, animation house, and all that.

    Suffice it to say, Tracy and I have been working with the production team for over a year now. They've been wonderful to work with! They've allowed us to have script approval and asked for our suggestions. They've shown us all the art work and allowed us approval on that (as well as the WoTC art director in charge of Dragonlance). We've been working with the Whitestone Council people on this as well. (Thanks, guys!)

    From what I've seen, it's going to be amazing! The art is great. Hopefully some of it will be up on the movie site. And Tracy and I will be talking more about the movie and maybe bringing along some art pieces on our book tour.

    Tracy and I are both very excited about this!


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    Excellent, thank you milady. Would I be right in thinking other voice actors have done the deal already, or is Lucy the only one to be involved so far? LOL not looking for names cause thatd be a little to big a secret to release to little ole me.
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    First off, let me say "Congratulations". A motion picture may have been just a dream for a lot of us on the fan base, but for you guys to put something together yourselves that will be taken and put on the big screen... all I can say is "Wow."

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about it and harping on ever little nuance that pops up in the coming years.... and more importantly paying the ticket and DVD prices.
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    Is it gonna appear on the big screen, or just as a DVD?

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    What a world we all live in when dragons not only fly in our dreams but in our motion pictures as well.... Congratulations Mrs. Weis and Mr. Hickman! This movie will surely be a must see for any Dragonlance fan (and hopefully even non Dragonlance fans)!

    Congratulations, now maybe even more people will join us in the world of Krynn!
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    The day has arrived that we know one of our goals, and the authors, is on the works. The authors work made this possible, possible for the readers to enjoy many great things. I just can't wait until it comes out. Keep waiting for more info.
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    This is absolutely incredible! I can't wait. Thanks Margaret!

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    I'm so excited by this. There have been rumors of a DL movie ever since I can remember. I heard one of those rumors years ago, around the time Summer Flame came out, and that was to the effect that there would be an animated movie. I remember being so excited by the prospect, only to be let down.

    So here we are years later, and we're having an animated movie! I can't say just how exciting this is.

    Margaret, congrats to you and Tracy on seeing one of your finest works reach the big screen.
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    I am really excited about this and now I can say with absolute certainty this I am positive that this will be an excellent portrail of the world DragonLance now that we know that Margaret and Tracy were in on the project. I guess for myself I was a bit worried that the movie would not give justice to DragonLance that we have all come to know and love.


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