Well my little ergothian reference document is still in the works, Im tryiing to decide if Im going to put it in a D20 Hypertext reference document format or the normal SRD format, but Im currently looking for submissions on :

Unique magical Items
Unique spells
Secret societies
regional feats

All this stuff will appear on the Nexus if DH and Shugi dont kill me for sending them a 2 gig doc I hope

I have alot of stuff thats campaign (mine) specific but much of whats there I think many in the community would enjoy

ps.. anyone who thinks they can draw your efforts would be appreciated, as I just scored a copy of Heraldmaker, the program used by the British royal college of Heraldry, and Im using to make some heraldric devices..

Weldon I made some new Ergothian ones if you want me to send them to you , they are MUCH better than the photoshop ones I had before!!