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    For myself, and I'm sure others would appreciate this too, what Dragon magazine issues have had articles on DL? Mainly since the collection on CD they released a few years ago. Not just "this is coming out" but actual articles on DL, either short stories or game mechanics and such. Thanks to any who reply.

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    The only Dragonlance Specific articles recently were the two in #315 They presented the Bozak as a player race, and for Taladas they had a PrC for the Companions of the dead and the Shark Cult.

    Of course the new format of Dragonlance (started last issue) is trying to be more consistant and less campagin specific.

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    there were a lot of them back during the early fifth age. I don't remember the issue numbers off hand, and they're all packed away somewhere...

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    Here's a list. Courtesy of Dragonlance bibliography page 2 from the Wizards of the Coast's Dragonlance Pages. I hope that I am not breaking any copyright regulations.

    Dragon Magazine
    Issue Title
    83 "The Test of the Twins," Margaret Weis, March 1984
    83 "A Stone's Throw Away," Roger E. Moore, May 1984
    91 "Chronicles: A Novel Idea," November 1984
    94 "My Honor is My Life," Tracy Hickman, February 1985
    98 "The Dragons of Krynn," TSR staff, June 1985
    101 "All about the Kender," Roger E. Moore, September 1985
    102 "All about the Gully Dwarf," Roger E. Moore, October 1985
    103 "All about Krynn's Gnomes," Roger E. Moore, November 1985
    107 "More Dragons of Glory," Douglas Niles and Tracy Hickman, March 1986
    121 "Love and Ale," Nick O'Donohoe, May 1987
    125 "The Game Wizards," Mike Breault, September 1987
    143 "Sage Advice," Skip Williams, March 1989
    154 "Raistlin and the Knight of Solamnia," Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, February 1990 (reappears in a book)
    158 "Novel Ideas," Will Larson, June 1990
    161 "Role-Playing Reviews," Jim Bambra, September 1990
    168 "Novel Ideas," Marlys Heeszel, April 1991
    173 "The Role of Computers," Hartley, Patricia, and Kirk Lesser, September 1991
    182 "Not Cheaper by the Dozen!" Spike Y. Jones, June 1992
    192 "The Companions' Rhapsody," Band on the Run, April 1993
    194 "Novel Ideas," Will Larson, June 1993
    204 "Love Me Kender," Bard on the Run, April 1994
    223 "Interview: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman," Sue Weinlein, November 1995
    224 "The Chronology of Krynn," Harold Johnson and Sue Weinlein, December 1995
    225 "Kindling," Jean Rabe, January 1996
    227 "Mission from Kendermore, Part One," Harold Johnson, March 1996
    228 "Mission from Kendermore, Part Two," Harold Johnson, April 1996
    229 "The Taking of Mount Nevermind," David Wise, May 1996
    230 "Mirta's God," Mark Anthony, June 1996
    230 "Between the Ages," Douglas Niles (introduction by Harold Johnson), Annual 1996
    231 "The Game Wizards: Dragonlance: FIFTH AGE," Sue Weinlein Cook, July 1996
    231 "Measure of the Homeguard," J. Robert King, July 1996
    232 "The Gift of Fire," William W. Connors and Sue Weinlein Cook, August 1996
    233 "Thunder and Ice," Douglas Niles, September 1996
    234 "Firstborn," David Gross, October 1996
    235 "Relics," Jeff Grubb, November 1996 (reappears in a different form in the Relics and Omens anthology)
    236 "Sage Advice," Skip Williams, December 1996
    237 "Hidden Talents," William W. Connors (no date)
    238 "The Day the Magic Died" The Bard on the Run, August 1997
    239 "A Saga of Your Own," Stephen Kenson, September 1997
    240 "Saga of the Mists" Matthew L. Martin, October 1997
    240 "Hark the Herald," Steven Brown, Annual 1997
    241 "Dungeon Mastery: Campagins of Intrigue, From Foe to Finale," Steve Miller and Sue Weinlein Cook, November 1997
    242 "The Magic of Krynn Reborn!" Stephen Kenson, December 1997
    243 "The Treasures of Krynn," Stephen Kenson, January 1998
    243 "Honor and Guile," Margaret Weis, January 1998
    243 "ProFiles: Margaret Weis," Allen Varney, January 1998
    246 "The Dragon's Bestiary: Chaos Creatures," Gregory W. Detwiler, April 1998
    250 "The Dimernesti," Stephen Kenson, August 1998
    251 "Beyond the Tree," Miranda Horner, September 1998
    256 "The Lost Giants of Krynn," Richard "Ricko" Dakan, February 1999
    269 "Beneath the Bough," Miranda Horner, March 2000
    276 "Kang's Command," Don Perrin and Margaet Weis, October 2000
    Annual 4 "The Gods of Krynn," Stephen Kenson, Annual 1999
    Annual 3 "The Home Front," Richard "Ricko" Dakan, Annual 1998

    Dungeon Magazine
    Issue Title
    22 "Unchained!" Bruce Norman, March/April 1990
    40 "The Draven Deeps' Menace," Jeff Fairbourn, March/April 1993
    43 "Mayhem at Midnight," Trae Stratton, September/October 1993
    65 "The Ice Tyrant," Chris Perkins, November/December 1997
    71 "Under a Pale Moon," Jason Carl, November/December 1998

    Polyhedron Newszine
    Issue Title
    114 "Dragonlance: Fifth Age -- Under Construction," William W. Connors, December 1995
    114 "Death's Teeth," Steve Miller, December 1995
    120 "The Endless War," William W. Connors and Sue Weinlein Cook, May 1996
    128 "The Toenail of Chaos," Adam Bennington, and "The Chaos Cloud," Henry R. Gannon, February 1998
    129 "Trouble in Mind," Stephen Kenson, April 1998
    131 "My Lord Tiger" (Saga game tie-in), Gregory Detwiler, August 1998
    Page 1

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    aslong as you arent making any money off of posting them I dont think you can get into any trouble. besides, id look at it as an advertisment. maybe someone will go and order backissues of dragon or pick up that mega dragon cd that has all the issues on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willim
    Here's a list. Courtesy of Dragonlance bibliography page 2 from the Wizards of the Coast's Dragonlance Pages. I hope that I am not breaking any copyright regulations.
    I think you're fine simply citing these references and page numbers. Thanks!


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