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Thread: Fistandantilus Vs. Raistlin Debate...

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    Lutherblue Guest

    Default Fistandantilus Vs. Raistlin Debate...

    Ok, Something has been bugging me for a long time.

    Raistlin Destroys Fistandantilus, in Legends, but his spirit survives long enough to inhabit Raistlin in Soulforge. Wouldn't Fistandantilus recognize Raistlin when he is seeking to inhabit a soul in Soulforge? And if it was Raistlin the whole time, does that mean in game terms Fistandantilus never set foot in skull cap? ANd if Raistilin Drained Fistandantilus Soul, how could that soul survive to inhabit Raistilin if Raist did not die in the past, but the present. I could understand if Raist Dies at skull cap, but he doesn't, and so that soul would not be released.

    Very Long and Confusing, wondering if i am wrong,


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    Albelt Guest

    Default Wow....

    Ah now my brain hurts, lol. Okay I would like to know this as well because this now is running through my head and i dont think i will able to sleep with out knowing.

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    Telron Highwind Guest


    If I remember correctly Fistandantilis does recognize Raistlin in legends. Or atleast Raistlin says he should. Yes Raistlin does drain fistandantilus soul in the past and in a they are the same. But what changed everything was Tas. Since kender were not a race created by the gods and weren't meant to be around in that time it completely changed the way history would work out because before a kender wasn't there. Now since there is a kender around it makes for a completely diffrent timeline. Personally I don't understand all of it but there are a few people who know more than me.

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    *ding* I locked CB in my basement. He's writing novels for me. About the heroic young dragon called Tic-Tock. They will never be released to you! ever! THEY ARE ALL MINNNEE!!!!

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    Well, its confusing when you look at it in the form of the River of time, but if you follow the time line of Fistandantilus's soul, it makes pretty good sense.

    First, Fistandantilus goes to Zhaman, tries to open the portal to the abyss, and fails. He dies, and then his soul sticks around, and heads to a body he has in the future, namely Raistlin. He tries to take Raistlin's body, but Raistlin defeats him. Then, in Legends, Raistlin goes back in time and destroys Fistandantilus. Raistlin then goes to Zhaman and does the same thing as Fistandantilus, but since the circumstances are differnent, and plus there is a kender there, Tas, it changes the timelime !at the moment Tas is present! Anything that happened in the past when Tas wasn't present doesn't change anything in the future. So, even though Raistlin killed Fistandantilus in the past, it doesn't effect him from trying to take over Raistlin during his test. Ok?
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    I read that awhile ago but I think Raistlin took the place of someone else who, in the actual timeline, was drained. Therefore Fistandtilus would not have recognized him as the one he already killed. I know it sounds confusing, but so does everything else involving time travel

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    Lutherblue Guest

    Default Understand the Problems of a Time Traveling Kender...

    Ok, i understand that a time traveling kender is an issue, BUT...

    Tas does not appear until after Raistlin had defeated Fistandantilus and taken over his post, so he wouldn't have affected that. Which would mean it was never fistantdantilus in ANY timestream that visited Skullcap, It was always Raistlin. Second, if i remember correctly The real fistandantilus lost control of the spell just like Raistlin did, could that mean The Kender was meant to be in Skull Cap at that particular time?

    If Raistlin took over for Fistandantilus, i can see in no way how fistandantilus's soul could later inhabit Raistlins body because his soul was drained by Raistlin, and not destroyed at skull cap, regardless of time traveling kender.


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    But to say that Raistlin's plan would not work is saying that Fist's would not either.I think that the reason that Raistlin was able to posess Fist's soul from the future and the past was because he was the Master Past and Present.In the present Fist had taken control of Raist,and then Raist took it back in the past.So it was like in the TV shows where the person goes back in time and can see himself,or like in Harry Potter if that helps anyone. When they use the time turner and watch the events that led up to the present.If anyone wants to correct me or add to that feel free.
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    brassangel Guest

    Default Raist vs. Fist

    The way I understood it, Raistlin was inhabited by Fistandantilus's soul during the Test and thus, Raistlin survived when he shouldn't have. Additionally, Raistlin then decided (not entirely on his own due to the influence of Fist's soul) to go back in time to succeed where he (Fist) had failed before. Instead, Raistlin destroys Fist. and consumes his soul whereby rendering Fist's takeover of Raistlin non-existent. While Raistlin encountered similar circumstances to Fist. living from Fist's post, he wasn't subject to the same fate; thanks not only to Fistandantilus's demise at the hands of Raistlin, but also because of the present and unexpected Kender. As complex as the whole scenerio is, it really sounded as simple--as I have stated above--in my head. One thing is for sure:

    This is absolutely rediculous.

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    Elaquine Guest


    The way I saw it, it was fairly simple; there are two streams that exist alternately.

    Stream one
    A long time back, Fistandantilus dies but his 'soul' survives. Fistandantilus bides his time until he meets a promising young Red who needs his help. He makes a deal with Raistlin, so Raistlin survives the test. Having survived, he then decides to go back and do what Fistandantilus tried to do but succeed this time.

    Stream two
    Raistlin goes back in time and defeats Fistandantilus. As a result, no soul to go forth to make a deal with Raistlin. A young mage called Raistlin dies during his test and his brother is heart-broken. The War of the Lance ends with Takhisis succeding. As a result, nobody goes back in time to defeat Fistandantilus.

    So... Both streams have to exist to initiate the other. As a result, both are real but the stories follow stream one, not stream two.


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