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Thread: What Books Do You Use?

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    Default What Books Do You Use?

    I have to admit I'm a bit behind in my WotC DnD buying lately. I have the following, including SP products

    PHB, DMG, MMI all 3.5
    DLDM Screen

    Those are the newest books I have. I have all the old things like Sword and Fist, but I'm looking for 3.5/newer stuff. What books do you and your players find invaluable in your campaigns? Either for just sheer material, feats, classes, prestige classes, magic, or new magic items. If you use something that's not WotC, please list the publisher so I can look it up online. Thanks everyone!
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    I've used quite a wealth of books, though it does make transporting them quite a hassle. Had to archive a lot of the key points onto a computer in order to cut down the amount of back-breaking I had to do before. The following are the one's that I've current been drawing stuff for my DL campaign setting.

    Core Rule Book Set v3.5
    Monster Manual 2
    Complete Warrior & Divine
    Arms and Equipments Guide
    Dragonlance Campaign Setting
    Age of Mortal (Sovereign Press)
    Tower of High Sorcery (Sovereign Press)
    Bestiary of Krynn (Sovereign Press)
    Book of Exalted Deeds
    Book of Vile Darkness
    Unearthed Arcana
    Minature Handbook
    Player's Guide to Faerun
    Races of Stone
    Epic Level Handbook
    Warcraft: Manual of Monsters (White Wolf)
    Assortment of articles from Dragon and Dungeon Magazine

    As you can see, I'm current salvaging feats, skills, magical items, spells, classes, monsters, and prestige classes from quite a few sources. Along with some variant rules to add into the mix.
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    3,5 Core*
    DLDM Screen (and booklet)*
    3.5 DM Screen (the free one that came with Dragon Magazine, I clip the two together for my mighty 7 pannel dm screen of DOOM!)*
    Complete Divine
    Savage Species (I use monster level progressions on LA PCs)
    Fiend Folio
    various Dragon Magazine articles.

    *Edit* Oh you wanted essential.... the ones with an * are all essential to me.
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    Hmm, ok, let me rephrase this....
    If you had to pick out the books that you've found invaluable, for more than just a few things in them, and would say "definitive buy" what would you suggest.

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    Rolf_Mathenus Guest


    My current books are:

    3.0 Core Books (in Portuguese, mind you...)
    The Complete Book of Villains (THE best supplement to think up bad guys)
    Electronic editions of Sword and Fist, Tome and Blood, Song and Silence, Defenders of the Faith, Masters of the Wild, Savage Species and the Book of Vile Darkness (but I never use any of them)

    Looking forward to buying the WotL and BoK later this year. I'm trying to keep it simple, as you can see.

    But I would only label as "invaluable" the Core Books and the DLCS. Maybe WotL could make the cut as well. AoM is a great book, but only if you love the Fifth Age.

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    I have and use the following:

    3.5 PHB
    3.0 Monster Manual & DMG

    Monster Manual 2
    Monsters of Faerun

    All of the SP books up to and including WotL

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    I tend to prepare a lot for sessions (this is what I find creative and "fun" about DMing), so while I may make use of the MM, BoK MMI. FF etc. (or other Monster Books or monsters appearing in a "non-monster" book), these are not things I refer to in the game.

    I've got stat blocks and everything already printed for what I need.

    As far as referring to a book in game, I found last session this was done once, only, with respect to a map in War of the Lance, for the players to look at.

    In general, during play, the only books which need to be referred to are the PhB - and infrequently at that - as it contains spell descriptions. Even then, as the PC wizards have only just reached the ability to cast 3rd level spells, this is a rare event. We all kow what scorching ray, sleep and magic missile do. We don't need to look it up.

    If I wasn't preparing 15-30 pages of typewritten notes for use at my sessions, perhaps it would be different. As it stands, e-tools, the core books , DL sourcebooks and 1st/2ed prioducts are all I have needed prior to the game to prep my material. I brought WotL, ToHS and the BoK to the session last Saturday.

    No doubt as the selection of spells increases this will change for my players over the course of time. I am already foreseeing a need for a consolidated master DL spell list to combine DLCS, AoM, WotL and ToHS. With ORders of the Stars, this will only get worse, not better.

    As far as Classes, PrCs and "character creation/management" crunch is concered, I award XP between sessions in my campaign log. Any char development and advancement is done between sessions by referring to these books by the players, so there is really no need to spend a lot of time mucking about with hardcovers during the session itself.

    I think this is a consequence of gaming much less often that I used to than, say, 20 years ago. Then, the sesssion were a few times a week. We just winged it as we went along and were looking to the books during sessions all the time.

    Now, our sessions are every other weekend or sometimes less frequent for my campaign based on availability. Using e-tools and a word processor, this means I spend *much* more time on preparation so that page flipping during the session is to my own notes and that's it.

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    the only books i use consistantly are the core rules, and as of late, the BoK and KoD.
    otherwise, i don't actually need anything else. I know so much about DL that its not worth pulling books out for.

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    Ogre_Bane Guest


    Not including the core books and the DL specific books (BoK is awesome!!!), I would suggest the following:

    Draconomicon: a great book if you plan on using dragons. It has a TON of options to use for both good and evil dragons, and a lot of the option fit very well for DL.

    Book of Exalted Deeds: another great book. If you plan on having a good-aligned party and story line, this does a great job on defining good and evil.

    Complete Warrior: another non-specific setting book. This has great options that can be easily fit into the DL world and a ton of great options. I think this one is much better than Complete Divine.

    Also, I would suggest using fan-based material too. There's a ton of stuff out there.

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    Here's all the 3.5 stuff my group uses:

    DLCS (Sov Press)
    AoM (Sov Press)
    BoK (Sov Press)
    ToHS (Sov Press)
    DL DM Screen (Sov Press)

    PHB (WotC)
    DMG (WotC)
    MM (WotC)
    BoED (WotC)
    Complete Warrior (WotC)
    Complete Divine (WotC)
    Draconomicon (WotC)
    Races of Stone (WotC)

    EDIT: Yep, we consider all these books invaluable. That, or at least one of us in the group considers one of these books invaluable.
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