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Thread: Jean rabe books, should they be read or not?

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    toffee2 Guest

    Default Jean rabe books, should they be read or not?

    Hello im a newcomer to the dragonlance books and from reading some messages in the forums and an article on it seems that a lot of people hate the trilogys jean rabe has done and that they mess up the continuity of the series. Could I just ask are they worth reading?, and if not why?, cheers

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    OMeGA_FReaKY_7 Guest


    Well, a lot of people don't like the sytle of her writing, but there are some pretty important parts in her trilogies that go along with the DL storyline. So, if you would have to read, read because you have to! Lol, that sounds weird! Read it for the storyline.

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    Kristof Guest


    Well some of her books I like and some I dont like. Although required reading I never could finish the Dragons of a New Age Trilogy although I plan on finishing them at some point in the future. I think that she was really restricted in this trilogy. I really liked the Silver Stair. Jean Rabe really uses all the races and creatures on Krynn on not just the status quo. I would very much like to see some other authors do this. So in short I would say yes read her books but realize they are all not equal some are very difficult while other like the Silver Stair are very good. I have not read the Dhamon Saga or the Lake of Death so I cant comment on those.

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    Reghar Guest


    I've read the Dragons of a New Age Trilogy, and the Dhamon Saga. Dragons of a New Age was pretty...not great. I read it all the way through, and yes it really sets the stage for the War of Souls, but something about her writing style in that trilogies just grates on me.

    I'm currently reading the Dhamon Saga. So far, it's waaay better than Dragons of a New Age. Her writing style dramatically increased, and now I find myself actually interested rather than vaguely annoyed. And yes, I like the inclusion of obscure races in her novels (the kobold main character in Dhamon Saga, the pixie thing in DoaNA, etc.)

    Warning, spoilers below!

    One thing that I find amusing, and that is probably what "messes up the continuity" in Dragons of a New Age, was the killing off and subsequent resurection of Goldmoon, because she wasn't supposed to die. Hehheh.

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    toffee2 Guest


    aye i'll give the first one a go when i finish dragons of summer flame but if it doesnt grab me i think ill skip to the war of souls trilogy so far ive only read the core books and the prelude volumes and while the preludes were good and give the whole series more depth i don't think they can compare to the weiss and hickman books.

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    toffee2 read the raistlin books!(soulforge,brothers in arms) I like the way rabe writes. I would recommend her. I liked her because she brought i think more flavor to dl. The only thing i did not like in the books is when they start getting artifact level magic idems like candy.
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    I have just recently bought the Dragons of a New Age trilogy, and I am intending on reading them (although I have already read WOS), but they are on the bottom of my "need to be read" queue, I have enjoyed the WOS trilogy even without those books (they are the books that brought me back to DL), but I was confused at some points about the history of the Overlords, and of how had the state of the world change so dramatically from a free world (after the chaos war) into dragon provinces (is that how it is spelt?), and I am not sure yet but I do think that reading the DoaNA trilogy will add alot of flesh to the WOS.

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    Ive realized that i have somehow avoided all of her books, but if shes the writer everyone says she is, it may have worked out for the better.
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    well the only things by jean rabe that Ive read was the Dhamon saga a few years back which I thought was a pretty great trilogy, if I remember correctly though there was something that I didnt like about the end......cant remember what though..... anyways she has some great characters like the kobold and the draconian all in all I would Advise any dragonlance reader to at least give the trilogy a shot

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    The only book of hers I didn't like was Lake of Death. But mostly that is because of the way it ended. :(
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