This one of two stickied Favorites threads we are going to have here to solve the problem of the ever increasing number of Favorites threads that has glutting the boards lately. This one here in the Common Room will cover topics like favorite and least favorite place, race, weapon, organisation, age/era etc. Now when you reply, please include the reason why said thing is your Favorite or Least Favorite. For example -

Favorite Place - Qualinesti, Circa the foundation of

Like I said in the other Favorites thread I love elves. More accurately I suppose, I love the potential for the elves and never was it as close to realization than here and now. The hope of the new nation, with tolerance and openness as it's creed, but as with many things, noble ideals soon fall to the wayside and illusions are shattered. :(

Least Favorite Place - The Missing City After Takhisis' Storm

The Missing City was a fantastic idea. The ghoatly mirror reflection of what could have been, echoing almost mocking what is and yet providing an inspiration of what could be. And now, all this uniquness lost.... :(

Favorite Weapon - The Strong Heart of a Noble Person

Or cliches aside, I guess I would have to say Honour's Face. Honour's Face is the weapon of the good minotaurs and the symbol of the good they can achieve if they are of the mind, but at the moment thanks to their conquering Silvanesti seems so elusive. Honourable mentions for the Sword of Tears, Lost Star, Wyrmslayer, Wyrmsbane, the old Brightblade and Huma's Lance.

Least Favorite Weapon -

The new Brightblade. The one that is axiomatic according to the reconned game stats. The Brightblade should be for only good peopleor in game terms holy. Hmmph! Stupid retcon.

Favorite Race - Elf

Why is hard for me to explain, I guess part is their closeness to nature. Also their innate ability with the sword and bow. Their affinity with magic. Mostly their potential for good, which tragically is unrealized at the moment, but is exemplified by the actions of a few. Individuals like Laurana, Gilthas, Alhana, Kerianseray, Gilthanas, even Porthios.

Least Favorite Race – Goblinoids

Orcs aren't in Dragonlance because they were seen as too much the cliched bad guy cannon fodder, but the fact is the goblinoids have just stepped into the that position and any time somebody needs something pathetic to be chopped up by the hero, they trot out a goblin of some sort. I really would like to see some sort character put into Goblinoids, maybe if there is no intention to recover Qualinesti that could become a goblin nation led by a great warrior hobgoblin or something, - anything!

Favorite Organization - Wizards of High Sorcery

I love how the this small part of a world based on the conflict of good versus evil is different, a contrast or at least sometimes. What I mean is good and evil can work together to accomplish things great things or even simple things like survival, - ie the Lost Battles. I absolutely love the moment in Divine Hammer when the mages of the different orders shifted so there wasn't just a group of red robes here and black over there and white there, but they stood by each other as brothers of magic. Honourable mentions to the Kirath and Wildrunners.

Least Favourite Organization - Knights of Takhisis

To me at least "honourable evil" is an oxy-moron. Some people argue otherwise, but.... :rolleyes: That is not to say I would have disliked something with a little more imagination. As they are the Knights of Takhisis are just a pale inferior copy of a less than superior organisation. They just took the KoS and applied their own value system to it. They should taken what worked for the KoS and what worked for "evil" (the dragonarmies) and combined them and come up with something more original.

Favorite Age/Era - After the War of Souls

There is so much potential opening up everywhere and although I don't like somethings, the punishing of the elves for a very big instance, we have things like minotaurs kicking butt, with the Kazelati keeping a close eye upon them. The invasion by the Tarmak. Golgren making something to be truly feared out the ogres, something the decadence of the ogre titans had failed to do.

Least Favorite Age/Era - Age of Might

No dragons. Good gaining the upper and then perverting, becoming rotten at the core, with arrogance and ambition of the kingpriests, exemplified Beldinas the Mad. No dragons.