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Thread: Favorites

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    Razmous Guest


    Favourite Novel - Redemption

    Really tough to narrow it down to one single book, however, this novel by Jean Rabe was a phenomenal finish to the Dhamon Trilogy.

    Favourite Character - Tolandruth

    I think this is the guy from Ergoth trilogy, and if thats not his name then oops...Anyways, my fav character would have to be Tol. I liked him up until the finale of the Ergoth Tril. mainly because he refused to take power even though he deserved it and I wish he had killed Nazramin (dishonorably or not).

    Favourite Trilogy - TIE! Icewall, Ergoth, Kingpriest

    Three outstanding trilogies, the pages just flew by. I dont really know how to describe them, but they were simply amazing. I love Doug Niles' writing.

    Favourite Short Story - Anything from the Players of Gilean

    This book was such a neat concept. I loved all the stories along with the original shorty found in one of the "best of tales."

    Favourite Duology - Doom Brigade/Kang's Regiment

    These two books were awesome, who would think that draconians would ever live civilly with one another. It's really unfortunate that Margaret and Don had to run into some "differences" (divorce, correct?) and were unable to write a third novel in this storyline.

    Least Favourite Character - Mina

    I despise her character. She is just so-ARGGHH...I'm not going to get into it, simply because it makes me angry to think about her. When reading WoS, I always looked forward to anything unrelated to Mina.

    Least Favourite Trilogy

    I dont really have one...yet. I'm sure that once i get around to reading the Dark Disciple I will hate it because of its Mina-ness.

    Least Favourite Short Story

    Hmm, it would have to be any of the stories that are written by those who do not know the world very well and therefore contradict already stated, canon things from the novels.

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    Default Favorites

    Favorite Novel- This by far is the most difficult choice. But after careful consideration, I would have to go with Dragons of Summer Flame. The story started out pretty slow, but I liked the story of the war, especially where there is really no Bad Guys per se. I also liked the idea of when calamity hit, these different races dropped their difference if for moment to save the world they all share

    Favorite Character- No Doubt in my mind, Dhamon Grimwulf. The man is the idealic anti-hero. His story, to fall from grace only to rebuild himself back up to have himself lose it all again. His trials never end until his tragic death. It's greek tragedy meets the western anti-hero.

    Favorite Short Story- I'm afraid I haven't read many short stories so I can't answer this one.

    Favorite Trilogy- My favorite Trilogy as a whole has got to be the Legends Trilogy. The three stories are basically self-contained, telling the three levels of time that Caramon chases Raistlin. Each one, showing a progression of Caramon from a drunkard, to a Gladiator, to a General, to a Hero. It was awesome, and besides, Caramon is an awesome character.
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    Drakengod Guest


    Favorite Novel: Dragons of Autumn Twilight. This is the book that started the chain reaction of non-stop reading of Dragonlance books.

    Favorite character: There's been a lot of them but I just recently read The Linsha Trilogy and I would have to say Linsha Majere.

    Favorite short story: Can't think of the name off the top of my head but its the one where the barmaid falls in love with the painter and later he dies and she falls in love with a dragon or somethin like that. Its been a while.

    Favorite Trilogy: Chronicles. I couldn't put the books down once I started reading them.

    Least favorite character: It was Sir Remmik up until the point where he killed the Akkad-Ar. But of all the character probable Raistlin. Admire him for being so weak and yet so powerful but he's twisted. His brother went through so much to help and be kind and yet it seemed there was never enough appreciation coming from him.

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    Petyr Guest


    Favorite Novel:

    Well, this one, for me, is a tie between the Soulforge and Brothers in Arms. The Soulforge more because it brings a whole new light to Raistlin's motives and his reasons for being the way he is; also because it gives more scope to each of the Heroes from Chronicles when they were younger. Brothers in Arms because it was just so...good! I mean, the arcane combat was great, and the growth of Caramon and Raistlin at what they do is just awesome.

    Favorite Character:

    This is a bit harder. My first choice would be Raistlin, because I love his ability and his cynical attitude, coming in at just the right moments. But I'd have to say it was close with Raist and Tanis. Tanis is just...intriguing. He has that classic, terrifying part of being the one everyone looks to for an answer, yet he struggles against inner demons and the pressures of war and society, iced over with him being a half-elf, pressed vehemently by two races that he shares lineage with.

    Favorite Short Story:

    Don't have one.

    Favorite Trilogy:

    The Annotated Legends. I love the normal Legends forever, but with the added annotations by Weis and Hickman, I discovered answers to those smaller, more insanely nagging and annoying things that pester you for an answer until you go mad.

    Favorite Duology:

    The Raistlin Chronicles. Need I explain again... :p

    Least Favorite Short Story:

    Don't have one.

    Least Favorite Character:

    Verminaard. A few of you might have already heard some of my complaints about this character elseware on the boards. For all the terror and whispers and fearful rumors of this Highlord, he wasn't nearly as powerful as I'd expected him to be. I'd been looking for somone more powerful than even Ariakas, for Ariakas didn't get half as many hushed rumors and the like about him. Verminaard just...dissapointed me.

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    toffee2 Guest


    Favorite Novel:

    Time of the twins. This was the first dragonlance book I read (wrong order I know) and it just had a great feel to it, particulary caramons gladiator scenes and the descriptions of the upcoming cataclysm, one of those few books where you really can see the picture in your head.

    Favorite Character:

    The gnomes for sure, the darkness and light novel was such a treat, my favourite thing about them is the descriptions of all the things they invent like the catapults and the airship.

    Favorite Short Story:

    Ive only read the short stories in second generation so the first story in that, kitiaras son was the best for me simply because i liked reading about how caramon and tika were old and happy together

    Favorite Trilogy:

    The legends trilogy, intriguing time travel plot, great characters and at the end you really feel you've been on a joureny with the characters.

    Favorite Duology:

    I havent got one

    Least Favorite Short Story:

    Havent got one

    Least Favorite Character:

    Hmmmm, hard to choose but reading about some of the high up elves in chronicles (like porthios) didnt really do much for me

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    Favorite Novel: Raistlin Chronicles

    Sorry to say but I can not pick between both of them they both struck lots of intrest in me. I like how these books showed Raistlin in the works as a child and how it led him to the path that he chose to take.

    Favorite Character: Raistlin and Dalmar

    From what I have seen most like Raistlin but with there reason it didnt seem good enough for me so I should explain why he is my Favorite Character. I find it interesting of how the inner mind of him works. It seems like though his brother Caramon helps him with his physical health Raistlin supports the whole group with his magic and using his brain unlike others in the group. I also find Raistlin of interest due to the fact that no matter what he will fight to further himself in magic. I also find Dalmar interesting because he seems to share the same qualities of Raistlin though Dalmar is an Elf and a dark Elf at that, which sorry to say I love Dark Elfs...and not understandable people are sexy lol, but anyways that is why i love them both!

    Favorite short story: I really didnt get into the Short stories they really dont strike intrest in me.

    Least Favorite Character: Fistandantilus

    Okay your probally saying what why do you not like him he gave Raistlin all of his power and if your not oh well lol. I guess i really can not say anything about this one because my thoughts are, well i dont know how to explain them. Raislin had the power from the gods and was gifted from childhood though. Grr Fistandantilus made me angry for some reason.

    Least Favorite Novel: All the short story novels...I really did not like them.

    Least Favorite Short Story: Dont like Short stories.

    Least Favorite Trilogy: The War of Souls

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    MaLola Guest


    Favorite Novel: The very first Dragonlance book I read. The Lioness.

    Favorite Character: Keriansery the Lioness

    Favorite Trilogy: Elven Nations, but once Elven Exiles is finished I believe that will take the lead.

    Least Favorite Novel: The ones all about Raistlin

    Least Favorite Character: ...I think I'm going to have to go with Raistlin

    Least Favorite Trilogy: Wanna take a guess? Legends about the twins. Boring.

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    After reading Stormblade, I have to say that I have a new respect for Dwarves, and that my favorite dwarf is definatley Stanach Hammerfell.
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    Favorite Novel - Dalamar the Dark by Nancy Varian Berberick or Reavers of the Blood Sea by Richard A. Knaak

    One is the amaizing story of Dalamarīs life, the other..... well a minotaurs story by Richard Knaak, says it all.

    Favourite Character - Raistlin or Tas.

    Two diferent key characters in Dragonlance world. One make us remenber that we all have a dark side (even the heroes), the other make us remember that we never, really grow up.

    Favorite Short Story - The Storyteller (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes) by Barbara and Scott Siegel or Wanna Bet? (Kender, Gully......) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

    Favourite Trilogy - The Chronicles.

    Well, it started all, i guess thatīs enough.

    Least Favourite Short Story - Any of Michael Williams poetry. :o sorry.

    Least Favourite Character - Hederick the Theocrat.

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    Favorite Novel(s) - Too many to decide. With novels My favorite three would have to be Legend of Huma, Kendermore, and Tanis the Shadow Years. The Legend of Huma is just awsome. Words can't describe how good that book is.

    Favorite Character(s) - Again like the last question, there are too many choices. Tanis is my favorite because he reminds me a lot of myself. Tasslehoff is another favorite because he represents that curious inner child we all have. Then there is Flint, who is like the loyal companion we always find in our travels. Last but not Least there is Huma, who just everything a hero amounts to. Also it wasn't just enough that he struck the paralyzing blow to Takhisis, but to actually make her promise to go back to the abyss.

    Favorite Short Story - The Legacy. There was another one I read in Search for Power. It was about these two dwarves who were counting treasure for this dragon and they trapped her in a mirror

    Favorite Trilogy - The Chronicles

    This is what started it for me. I read Dragons of Autumn Twilight and got hooked. I fell in love with the characters and the story itself.

    Favorite Duology(???) - I haven't read any duologies that i can think of

    Least Favorite Short Story - Can't think of any at the moment

    Least Favorite Character(s) - Steel Brightblade and Elistan


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