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Thread: Favorites

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    Ralen Guest


    Favorite Novel: ..........I've read quite a few and liked them all......Ah but my favorite has to be The Lioness. It was an amazing book. To see her grow from servant into war-leader and form a hope for Qulanesti.

    Favorite Trilogy:War of Souls and the Chronicals.

    Favorite Character: male:Gilthas and Tanis female:Kerinsey and Laurana((spelling?))

    Favorite short story:mmmm Kitiria's Son. A good story that featured one of my favorite characters. Steel Brightblade and Wanna Bet is just plain amusing.

    Least Favorite Character: Derek Crownguard. I'll admit he was well portrayed. But I still loath him.

    Least Favorite Novel: None

    Least Favorite Short Story: None

    Least Favorite Trilogy: None.

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    Favorite Trilogy: Legends

    Favorite novel: A Rumor of dragons (Dragons of Autumn Twilight)
    The book that started me off, in a way when I read it Im not just remembering the story, but what was going on around me the last time I read it.

    Least favorite novel: Darkness and Light,
    My two least favorite characters put together in one book, also the whole story was pretty ridiculous, i still do not understand its relevance( maybe I should go back and finish it before i criticize)

    Favorite character: Raistlin Majere
    In a lot of ways I am like Raistlin.

    Least favorite character: Sturm Brightblade,
    I can not stand the whole "My honor is my life " thing. For that and other reasons, I dislike Sturm.
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    Galan Dracos Guest


    Favourite Novel: The Soulforge

    Favourite Character: Tanis and Raist

    Favourite Trilogy: Legends or Chronicles

    Favourite Short Story: Dunno

    Least favourite novel: None

    Least favoruite character: Sturm

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    Just a reminder to please list the reasons why said things are your favourites.
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    steels evil twin Guest


    i guess this is it

    Favriote novel:

    oh i guess i would have to say rebels and tyrants
    i really like sargonass's night of revenge

    favriote trilogy:
    chronicles no doubt about it

    favriote character:

    favirote short story:
    a lull in the battle
    (dragons at war)

    favriote duology:
    kang's regiment

    least favriote character
    derek crownguard

    Least Favorite Novel: None

    Least Favorite Short Story: None

    Least Favorite Trilogy: None

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    Lyim Rhistadt Guest


    Favorite Novel- I think i may have to go with Firstborn of the Elven Nations Trilogy. I just love the stories of Sithas and Kith-Kannan

    Favorite Character- Dalamar and Lyim Rhistadt. I like Dalamar because of his attitude. he is always so calm, even when one would panic during hard times. he reminds me very much of John Doe from David Fincher's Se7en. I liek Lyim because he was an interesting character, searching the continent to cure his arm.

    Favorite Trilogy- Most likely the only person int he history of the world who thinks this but the Barbarien Trilogy is my favorite. Too many memorable characters such as Amero, Nianki, Beramun, Zannian, Nacris, Duranix and Sthenn. GREAT STORIES...if you havnt read them i strongly suggest them

    Favorite short story- sorry, dont read the poems (no offense i skip them in redwall too)

    favorite duology- I gotta go with Kang's Regiment. Love the story, dracoians are one of my favorite krynn creatures.

    Least favorite character- Crysania. She annoyed me, her whole relationship with raistlin personally just bugged me. I admire her perserverance, however

    Least favorite novel- Weasel's Luck. I personally dont like when the stories are told in first person nearly as much then done in otherwise. Galen Beknighted was much better IMO, it had more action as well. BTW, are those the only two books written in first person?

    Least favorite trilogy- i may have to go with Defenders of magic. No way is it bad at allin fact i loved it, just my least favorite (dont get me wrong LYIM WAS AWESOME)

    least favorite short story- sorry, dont read em

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    JulianCaesar Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Darcwulf
    This one of two stickied Favorites threads we are going to have here to Least Favorite Character - Sir Jamis Uth Remmick]
    Sir Jamis Uth Remmick, was simply misguided. He was a great fighter, if a little uptight. Given the chance, he could have made a great hero.

    Favorite Trilogy: Minotaur Wars. Richard A. Knaak kills. Too many sword through throat kills, but non-stop excitment non-the-less.

    Favorite Character: Ryle Sworder (Dragons of Krynn). The Samuel L. Jackson of the DL world.

    Favorite Short Story: Wanna Bet. The world needs more stories about Tanin and Sturm(Caramon's cool sons)

    Least Favorite Character: Raistlin. Snobby, whiny, like a rich baby that got it's toy stolen. Grow up dude.

    Least Favorite novel: Hard, they are all good, but I have to go with Lake of Death. WHy does everything have to be so sad Jean Rabe?

    Least Favorite Short Story: Raistlins Daughter. That guy needs a woman. He's so angry, mabey this is why.

    Least Favorite Trilogy: Dhamon Saga. Not Rig and Fiona. They have a chance at happiness. Leave them alone. Not everything has to be sad Jean.
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    OMeGA_FReaKY_7 Guest


    Favourite Novel: Tides of Blood. Not too many people will agree with me, but i just loved that book! There was something about it that just made me want to read it over and over!

    Favourite Character: Sturm. Although he lived a shorter life than most of the other DL characters, i thought he was the one that fit in the most in the entire Dragonlance world. He could be the model for a true hero!

    Favourite Trilogy: The Chronicles, no doubt about it!

    Favourite Short Story: The one in Second Generation with Caramon's kids and the dwarf(or reorx of something life that) can't remember the name!

    Favourite Duology: Kang's regiment. Could have been my favourite trilogy, if there was a third book!

    Least Favourite Character: Crysania! I HATED her. For some reason, she was just soooo annoying!

    Least Favourite Novel: Darkness and Light. It was good, but could it really have happened and fit in so well with the overall DL plot? Don't think so!

    Least Favourite Short Story: The last one in Second Generation. Again, i forget the name!

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    Favourite Short Story: The one in Second Generation with Caramon's kids and the dwarf(or reorx of something life that) can't remember the name!
    Dougan Redhammer. that was a cool short story now that i think of it.

    Least Favourite Short Story: The last one in Second Generation. Again, i forget the name!
    The one with Gilthas right? i actually liked that one alot.
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    Favorite Novel - The Soulforge. I really liked this novel, it was different from most other dragonlance novel's when I read it. The story was about a character that I find interesting, and the plot was different. It wasn't an epic story, nobody was trying to save the world, or acheive godhood. It was just about Raistlin and the others life before the WoTL.

    Favorite Character - There are way too many characters that I like in the DL world to pick. I could however give a list This is in no particular order
    1. Slith (Kangs Regiment) - I just liked this guys attitude, and his relationship with kang was interesting
    2. Rhys Mason (Dark Disiple) - While this character only has had one novel so far, I like his personality. He's the first monk I've read about in DL and he is an increadibly interesting character.
    3. Raistlin Majere - I'm not a fanboy of Raistlin, I just find him an interesting character to read about. Whenever he took the spotlight in a book, it utterly captivated me (Besides Summer Flame) I like the determination that this man has, his abiltiy to forsake all in his quest for power is a determination that many lack.
    4. Justarius - This is what I think mages should be like. He was responsible, but not increadibly uptight like Par-Salian. He cared for the magic above all, and didn't seem to meddle in things as much as some of the other mages did. I just wish more novels were written about him.

    I could go on, but I'll stop here.

    Favorite Trilogy - Right now it would be Chronicles, but Taladas trilogy might pass it when it is done. I liked Chronicles because I like the group adventuring idea, even if it does tire after a while. And this is what captivated me and got me interested in DL.

    Favorite Short Story - Definitions of Honor. I liked this story, the knight trying to prove his honor and the minotaur defending his. It showed how stupied and prejudice people really are.

    Favorite Duology - Kangs Regiment, I find Draconions interesting and they have great potential. These novels had everything I want from a good novel. Plot, Characters, Depth. They were all around good books.

    Least Favorite Character - Mina. I could go into a very long rant here, but I'll spare you guys. I simply hate blind followers...

    Least Favorite Novel - Galen Beknighted. I didn't like this novel, I just couldn't get into it. It's weird to because I liked Weasels luck.

    Least Favorite Trilogy - Don't have one.

    Least Favorite Short Story
    - Once again don't have one.
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