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Thread: What is important to you?

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    Default What is important to you?

    As a DM, I love it when I find a group that clicks. What they want is what I give and what I give is what they want. Most of the time, my adventures lean towards the role-play. I reward my convincing characters with slight exp awards and the party for the most part rises to the occasion. My brother Dm's as well and is not really a role-play guy. He leans more to finding cool monsters or getting these super weapons that have powers beyond compare.

    My question to you is, what do you think makes a session? What interest you as a player and gets that session over with you? My list is right here.

    (List in order of importance)
    1) Role-play-you characters need reasons to act the way they do

    2) Adventure- the feel and pace, keeping the party hooked and having them want the next part.

    3) The Villain- if your session is filled with a pansy flower at the end, don't bother. I love my villains bad with a reason for being bad.

    4) The Fights- exciting fights are cool, but I need a reason to kill something. Fighting a monster for the sake of fighting is a waste. But killing a ogre who murdered your team mate carries much more weight and is more satisfing.

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    What is important to me?

    Well first of all the flow of the game is very important. Keep the Players interested so that they arent talking about what there two year old did yesterday.

    Second is to balance the encounters. My players have come to realize that not all encounters are something you have to draw your sword for. When confronted with a situation they know is going to be violant then they rise to the occasion. They will however (at least most of the time) try to find a peaceful (or sneaky) way out of an encounter. I am more into the role-playing acpect than combat (although a good fight is also exciting).

    For combat encounters I like to mix it up. Not every encounter is with the local ogre or the rogue knight. Although I do love to use goblins. They are useful in any situation at any level of play.

    It is also important to me to make sure that I customize any game I am GMing. Each person has their own little side quest going on at any given time. Be it to find info on their Life Quest or just to strengthen their sword each player has something. This is in addition to the main quest.

    As for Bad you point out it is very important to make the Main Nemesis of the party memorable. They should also be able to (or at least most of the time) defeat the party on their own. That is what makes a perfect that the characters know can kick their keesters.
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    what is important to me

    1. that uziel and dracwulf will one day want to game with me

    2.story line this includes description of rooms building etc i need to feel the game to get into it.

    3. the players i like the team to have charaters they can play (my words of advice blokes stop playing chicks its horrable and should be banded)

    4. low levels as i like a story line i prefer that the game didnt end up when i can kill lord soth with a dagger or i have a magic weapon so powerfull i can kill verminguard by entering the room. toneing it down is good Rpg is not about becoming a god

    5. a death that if worthy of the books every one dies in the novals so must my charater adds to the story line again
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    Important to me:

    1. That my players enjoy the adventure, challenge, themselves.

    2. The story. The players all have histories, I include those into whatever module I am playing.

    3. Motivation. There has to be reason to do something. As posted earlier, without cause to kill something, its pointless. Without cause to go adventuring, unless you're a kender, it is pontless. So there has to be motivation to do everything, or else most players would hang out in a tavern trying to mack on the waitresses.

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    To me the most important things are:

    1. trust between me and the players. one of the reasons i try to run modules is because i never want the players to feel like its me against them. I want us to work together to complete the story.

    2. That the players are playing characters they like.

    3. Each players feel vested in the story. I do this by weaving side stories into modules to help the characters build their stories.

    4. good story

    5. a real sense of peril. My characters will generally try to find a way other than combat, because they know that combat could be leathal.

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    As a DM I want to make the adventure seem like an actual epic novel and not some session filled with game rules and character statistics. The things I value the most are:

    1) Roleplaying above eveything else! The players should become the characters as long as the game lasts and both reap the rewards and suffer the consequences of their actions.

    2) An imaginative (as much as possible) storyline with many twists and nasty surprises. It is interesting to see what the players would do in a situation they had not seen coming. Furhtermore the adventure should be designed to fit the characters so that it will allow them to grow and advance in many more ways than just base attack bonuses and saves.

    3) Interesting, unique and memorable NPCs. Its hard for the players to act in a world that seems fake and uniteresting.

    4) Sufficient rewards and terrible perils. No pain no gain, as the saying goes.

    5) Riddles, puzzles, enigmas. Nothing is so rewarding for the player as to prove that he or she can outthink the DM by escaping his/her little mindtraps.

    6) Fights where the heroes have to utilize every power they have or think outside the box to triumph. Victory is so much sweeter when a dreaded enemy is vanquished thanks to a well planned strategy rather than a lucky roll of the die.
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