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Thread: Key of Destiny Errata

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    Default HellFire lash

    I am confused about Sindra's HellFire lash. It is stated as a +1 fiery burst lash of speed, which would have a minimal cost of 72000stl (1 + 2 fb + 3 speed) but has a cost of 25000stl in the appendix.

    Is there an errata for this item?

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    What about the Resist 10 to Cold? But yes, that's incorrect.
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    Default Zoe feats

    Zoe Left-Hand seem to be missing a feat in the appendix. As a 10th level character, she should have 4 feats (level 1,3,6,9) and Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat but she only has 3 (Magical Aptitude, Spell Focus and Craft Wonderous Items). Am I mistaken?


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