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Thread: DL Book Currently Reading?

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    Finished Lord Soth

    Now onto Dragons of Kynn and Knight of the Black Rose

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    I just read the three books by Roland J Green. The Knights of the Crown, Sword & Rose. I found them different to other books but still enjoyed them. I had not read any new DL books in a while but this got me back into it.

    I then read Theros Ironfield by Dom Perrin which I thoroughly enjoyed. He was such a likable character and I loved the way he lived with the Minotaurs. It was good to have someone other than Richard Knaak write about them and do a good job as he is great with Minotaurs!

    Trying to think where to go next. I really fancy the Taladas ones as I love Chris Pierson books but so far have not been able to get my hands on them.

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    Default Currently Reading

    Just getting back into DL after couple year break. Reading Tales vol. 3 Love and War to get warmed back up. Also left off on Defenders of Magic vol. 3 so I'll be reading that too.


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