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Thread: What's your party like?

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    Default What's your party like?

    I have and still (when SoS comes out) running the Age of Mortals - Key of Denisty, and as a DM that loves to run epic adventures (and dragonlance addict). I was curious about what every one else's party members consist of.....Here let me tell you about my party members and a little about there backgrounds.

    1. RedPath - Human Fighter - A Que-Shu tribesman, RedPath is only 16 but has a great power that dwells inside of him that he does not even realize yet. He met up with his team mates in Pashin. Many of his tribesmen thought him to be brave but also a young child that needed to grow up. RedPath is now on a spirit quest, which is what brought him to Pashin to begin with.

    2. Shai - Half-elf Barbarin - What can I say about her......She is the first and only timid barbarian that I have ever seen. She kept hiding behind the wizard....need I say more, lol. (SHe was one of our players girlfriend, she will not be missed.)

    3. Familian - Human Wizard - He is your typical boy that grew up in the magical arts. He has recently completed his test at the tower, which stunned his fellow party members on the actions he took.....He come back with back robes and a new staff.

    4. Jaden - Human Bard/Knight (?) - (This is one of my special characters.) Jaden didn't actually start out with the orginial group, and came in while the party was in the desert. Jaden is the son of the Mayor of Pashin, and has been sent away by his father in hopes that he will bring help to Pashin. While in the desert Jaden met up with the Miku tribe and fell in love with the Chief's daughter, when she died he left the tribe and found the other party members. He has also found out that he is a direct decendant from the guy that started the Kinghts of Solamnia (I forgot his name but I think it is something like Venus Solamnis?).

    5. Vorel 'thrae Verry - Hatchling Copper Dragon Sorceror - (My other special character and hubby) Vorel is the first copper dragon back from the dragon isles, and kept it a good secret until Familian accidently saw her change forms to save the barbarian from falling to her doom when they were climbing to the platau. She has a bracer that her mother gave her as a final present before leaving the nest. The bracer allows Vorel to change into a half-elf form, but the twist is that everyone thinks that the bracer allows her to turn into a dragon, lol.....I love it!!!!

    So lets hear about your party members

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    wow, well mine is much more traditional.

    Kender- Cleric/ Thief
    Whats to say, a troublemaker by instinkt with a heart of gold. Goes out of his way to help anyone and everyone who needs it.

    Qualinesti Elf- Cleric
    A recent refuge from the forrest, a loner primarily, but upon returning to silvanesty (his ne home after the lake of death incident) he discovered it was overrun by minotaurs. He was chased to the edge of the forrest, very nearly, and wound up in Pashin. There he met a black robed elf named Naelthon, who helped him regain some sence of pride, even if it was living underground.

    Human- Fighter/ Thief
    Working for the local thief syndicate in Pashim, headed by Blackbeard, skipped town when he appropriated the music box with the other party members.

    Minotaur- Ranger
    Bouncer at the Black Crow, he was fired for cohorting with the kender as well. When an off duty Knight of Neraka tossed the kender out of the bar, the Minotaur grew upset and started threatenting the customers. the situation was diffused by him getting fired.

    Silvanesti Elf- Wizard
    Works in Pashin (Up until recently) in a logal medicinal-herbalist shop. Was fired because she couldn't keep a kender she befriended, out of the shop. The kender used a mint as a projectile weapon vs. the Knights of Neraka, and for fear of reprisal, the shop owner fired her for associating with the kender and stopped selling mints. She wore a minor facial disguise daily to protect her identity.

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    Human fighter/marshal/dragon knight with a greatsword borrowed from a noble draconian

    Human master/diviner/loremaster/white robe who raised a Tower but forgot the black robe

    Human monk/Steel Legionaire, the laconic Mikku diplomat

    Dwarf ranger/fighter dual-wielding axes

    Human cleric of Majere who banished Malys's spirit to the abyss

    Human rogue/Steel Legionaire who was killed by Theo Drawde, but didn't let that stop him

    Half-janni akashic, a Gilean scholar
    - Clark Valentine

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    The group I DM for is also fairly traditional. We've finished the KoD and are about done with the SoS preview.

    Elias Condellan- Human Fighter4/Knight of the Crown 2/Cleric 1: Elias was raised in Nerakan held territory and tiring of the tyranny, left his homeland seeking adventure where he met a certain dwarf and kender. The young man has fully embraced the knighthood of Solamnia and its ideals and is looked upon as the party's leader. Always the first to join battle to protect his friends and the last to leave during a withdrawal, he wields the longsword Kiss of the Desert Sky with honor and bravery. Elias has just now devoted himself to Kiri-Jolith and with his blessing, hopes to rise through the ranks of the knighthood.

    Minrak Veinseeker- Dwarf Cleric 5/Fighter 2: With the gods of Krynn recently returned, Minrak has left Thorbardin to spread the word of Reorx. Behind his dwarven gruffness, is a companion that will willingly sacrifice himself to save another party member. He is also quite adept at crafting weapons and armor as well which has come in handy for keeping the party's armaments in good working order.

    OllieOllieOxenFree- Kender Rogue3/Bard4: Having never seen Kendermore before the party traveled to the Peak of Mayls, Ollie grew up in Hylo. She is a prime specimen of her race with her inattentiveness, the knack for "finding" things, and the ability to always find trouble. Needless to say, the rest of the party wouldn't trade her for anything. On several occasions the party would have met with a foul fate had it not been for the efforts of thsi brave kender. She has recently written a song about the group's exploits after they recovered the Dragonlance which I'm sure will be sung by bards for generations to come.

    Dagartha Nessena- Irda (under the disguise of a Human) Wizard 5: Dag has just recently passed his Test of High Sorcery and will be returning to the party shortly wearing the red robes. One of the few remaining Irda upon Krynn, he has come out of hiding in the Vingaard range and joined his fellow adventurers on an exciting journey. The conclave saw that Dagartha has goodness in his heart but until he ceases to deceive his most trusted companions about his true heriatge he will not be welcome into the white robe order. Dag is coming into his own as a pwerful spellcaster and his magic will be a powerful tool for the companions in the trials ahead.

    Lothas Shadowwalker- Elf Ranger 7: An archer without equal, Lothas has guided his friends through some of the most inhospitable environemnts on Ansalon. With his eagle companion watching from above, Lothas maintains his position as the party's scout and his keen eyes and ears detect dangers before they befall the group. With an unrivaled hatred for ogres and Dark Knights, Lothas has been a pretty happy Kagonesti lately as there have been plenty of both to rain arrows upon. With his companions behind him, returning to his homeland of Southern Ergoth and destroying the white dragon overlord that rules there is never far from his mind.

    I should also mention that this campaign is by far the best I've ever been a part of. I feel that some of that is due to the excellent products that Soverign Press releases, but mostly it is because I have the pleasure of having five of the best players in the world at the table on game nights.

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    This the campaign I'm currently runnig

    Dontess-Minotaur Ranger-specializing in two-weapon fighting. Kidnapped and forced into slave labor was freed by the party while they helped to liberate an ancient dwarven delve. She's just trying to get back home.

    Angelor-Half-Ogre ablino Monk-on a quest to find the legendary dragonlances. Trained at a monestary by a golden dragon in human form

    Venka-Half-Elf Druid-searching for her wayward mother who is working for the forces of Darkness. Recently discovered she has a half-brother who is on a quest to kill his step-mother (her mother) for killing their father.

    Lady Helena-Human Noble/Fighter/Cavalier-on a quest to locate and retrieve the dragonlances for her husband to use in the upcoming war. She is currently 6 mos pregnant.

    Northcliff-Human Wizard (evoker)/WoHS-complete and total bookworm who has a facination with all things draconic.

    Shadowdust-Human Rogue/Fighter-looking for his master and trying to discover the Golden Blade organization is.

    In my other campaign the group looks like this

    Gwen "The Raven"-Human Rogue-just trying to find her place in the world after her village was decimated by a kobold attack. Recently found out the attacks have something to do with a amulet her mother wore.

    Rollete Barters "Boulder" Human Fighter-the fourth son of a very wealthy detestable merchant. He is trying to find his own way and is currently working as a mercenary.

    Valin Stonehand-Dwarven Wizard (diviner)-Determined to prove that he can become a WoHS even if it costs him his birthright and brands as Sundered (fatherless).

    Juniper "Silver"-Kender Cleric of Branchala-She is "The Chosen One", unfortunately no one knows what she's chosen for. She recently escaped her escort and is trying make sense of why she is chosen and for what.

    Vard Stonehand-Dwarven Fighter-Brother to the wizard, he was sen by their parents to keep his older brother safe and to talk him out of this foolish venture to become a wizard and to be more dwarven. If he fails in that he is to bring his brother home for judgement willing or in shackles if he is unwilling. He is struggling with the last part because he loves his brother but he knows that if he is unable to disuade him it will be a mark against his entire clan.

    Balron "Hammerfist" Holderfist-Dwarven Monk-Deceased
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    This is during Pre-WotL time

    Human Fighter - Raised on tales of Huma and aspires to be a KoS.
    Dwarf Master/Cleric - in search of his faith and a Kingsword.
    Silvanesti elf Wizard -conflicted about saving his people and becoming a WoHS.
    Human Babrarian - exiled for his lack of ancestor worship, he now finds that he and his people are wrong about it and now struggles to find an answer.
    Human Fighter - raised in the rough part of Haven. He now works for the right amount of coin.
    Human Bard - Novice to the world he now journey's with the party absorbing every piece of knowledge he can. Also recently discovered his ability to cast spells. This is new to the world and troubles the Silvanesti elf.
    Qaulinesti elf Wizard - a trickster and light hearted, but the old blood still boils and has many conflicts with the Silvanesti.
    Gnomish Wizard - part of an unfortunant accident in Mt. Nevermind and "teleported". He must now deal with the WoHS and find his way home.

    All these characters are 2nd or 3rd level and are in Abanasia prior to the invasion. They've only seen hints of the Dragon Armies but that will soon change. MUUHAHAAHAHAHAH!

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    This is the sad group from an older adventure (back in the day when i still had people to play with) this is them as best as i remember

    Krod- Kender/Goblin barbarian/sorcerer- A crazy little guy that was afraid of water. His famous weapons were an enchanted ladel and frying pan. His main pastime was hitting on random male characters at very inappropriate times. (hehe this little guy was played by none other than ME!! ...wait i dun think i should be proud of that :p )

    Daria- Half Elven sorceress- The leader and only semi-normal one in the whole bunch. She was born and raised in human lands and hated elves for some reason. She tended to be a little bit schitzo and often cast spells at random things thinking they were monsters attacking her.

    Cal (the guy named him after himself) Human Druid/Rogue- two words- Severe womanizer... he was always making passes at Daria and any other female that crossed his path, whether it was human, elf, ogre, etc. The biggest problem was that he tended to cross dress, claiming to enjoy the freedom offered my a skirt to the uncomfortable pants men were supposed to wear.

    Chip- Kender Fighter/Rogue- Had a problem with putting things in his mouth. He was always chewing on something whether it should be chewed on or not and nearly met his end when he got bored and started gnawing on the hem of Daria's robes.

    Yeah, see sad. We got really bored and made up a bunch of screwed up charas as a contest to see who's would be the most messed up. Once we got them all together we decided to just create a random adventure and ended up with a quest for a golden toothpick that was in some unnamed dragon's horde. It was pathetic but funny.
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    The party I DM for has the following:

    Human Cleric of Mishakal: Nothing much on back story, but as the only person in group to wear heavy armor gets referred to as "The Tank"

    Kagonesti Monk of Majere: Half brother to the wizard below, gearing up for the Tatooed Monk PrC from Complete Warrior

    Half - Elf (kagonesti) Wizard: Half Brother to the monk. Has not yet taken his Test. Has a superior air about him. Feels that in himself, the best of the elven race and the human race are joined. Has a cat familiar named Mojo.

    Human Ranger of Habbakuk: Wields a +2 longsword that he found in the first encounter. Has opted for two weapon style, but doesn't weild two weapons often.

    Human Bard of Branchala: Joined the group in the second session, having been captured by some goblins. Frustrates the wizard by bein able to cast Detect Magic and Identify, when the wizard is out of spells. Searching for the "magic and power of music"

    Kender Rogue (on his way to Handler): Delights in taking stuff from the wizard and playing with the wizards "kitty-kat". Once tried to shake hands with some zombies.

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    This is the group from my Age of Mortals Campaign: Key of Destiny/Spectre of Sorrows

    Elassar Trevlin, (or at least I think that's how he spells it I'm not digging out the sheets right now) Qualinesti Ranger. Second son of a Senator in the Qualinesti court Elassar is the irresponcible son who is now off on a quest to possibly save the world. Directly connected to the Qualinesti royal family through his mother's side I've left it as vaugly 4 people would have to die before he had a somewhat valid claim to the throne (but that will never come up because he is good... and I don't intend on killing Gil). Recently recovered the Ghost Blade from his great grandfather's tomb and weilds it in addition to the Shard of Light.

    Alexander, Human, Rogue/Wizard/Spellfilch. Son of a infamous pirate, and he emulated his father. However when Alexander was a boy the sea took his father, his mother fearing she'd lose her boy the same way dragged him as far from the sea as she could. That's how he ended up in Pashin. He none the less became a scoundrel much to his mothers dismay. Wanted by the dark knights he joined this crew for a few reasons. "Prophecy usually means treasure," "beats staying in the dust bowl," and the fact that the Dark Knights in Pashin want him real dead. Managed to teach himself rudimentary magic from a spellbook stolen from a Knight of the Thorn. Hasn't cought the attention of the Wizards of High Sorcery... yet. Now bears the Hellfire Lash after their encounter in the Peak of Malys. (ironically enough he was in one shipwreck in KoD... long story... and by the table of contents of SoS looks like he'll be in another. So maybe his momma was right.)

    Talon, Phaethon, Monk/Cleric of Habbakuk(aiming for Sacred Fist). Talon is rash for a Phaethon, he always longed to see the world away from the mountain tops and he longed to see places of blue skies and green fields as the elders spoke of, considering he was raised in the desolation. After the return of the Gods he finally came up with an excuse he thought was good enough for the elders to let him leave, going to see how the world is reacting to the return of the gods etc etc. They let him go, but not for the reasons he believes. He doesn't have any spiffy cool weapons other than his fists and his firey wings... but firey wings are spiffy cool
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    OK here goes:

    Good Campaign:

    Dwarven Priest of Reorx/Righteous Zealot - Of family Warhammer, this dwarf was the founder of his own cult centered around Reorx and an enchanted warhammer that was found inside an active volcano.
    Minotaur Mariner/Marauder - Originally black furred, but when he was brought back to life by the dwarven priest his skin turned a light blue color. Through many strange wishes (he found a ring of three wishes) he ended up with wings and gills.
    Human Noble/Fighter/Cleric of Kiri-Jolith/Knight of the Sword - The only traditional character of the group. He was married to an Ergothian Princess and was given the lands around the ruins of Truth in Northern Ergoth. After spending alot of steel, and using his friends to route the creatures within Truth. He finally started a fledgling community.
    Qualinesti Rogue/Assassin - Fed up with the way his people had been treated he had begun taking an interest in the art of poison. He started a brothel in Truth that catered to elves only. Beneath the brothel, he housed a training center where he trained his "Elven Women of the Night" how to kill and maim. He would send them out all over Ansalon to kill those that wronged his kind.

    Pretty much the normal type of Campaign...This one was played until they were level 20 and then they retired to a GRAND life on Northern Ergoth.
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