I recently started playing in a War of the Lance campaign. The DM wanted us to play alternate “What If” companions. I was wondering what kind “What If” ideas others may have played over the years.

I’m playing Laurana as a Kensai Monk (from Xanathar’s), but she of course never calls herself a monk. She regards herself as a warrior with unique fighting style

We also have Sturm as a Que Shu barbarian. He and his mother fled Solamnia years earlier than canon. Their ship damaged in a storm washed up on the coast where Riverwind’s family found the pair. When Sturm’s mother died from her wounds, they adopted the infant raising him as one of their own. And he ended developing a relationship with Goldmoon.

Goldmoon is going to be a Fey Warlock with the Forestmaster as her patron, once we get to Darken Wood. She has been having recurring dreams of a unicorn since she was a little girl.

Tasslehoff is a sorcerer and yes, it’s hilarious.

Riverwind angry that his adopted brother won Goldmoon’s heart, ran away. We suspect we will see him as Highlord. Hints say that is Tanis’s Fate too.

The highlight so was when we were fleeing Solace and were confronted by Toede, Tas used a cantrip to make a lion’s roar behind the mounted hob and his cronies. The warhorse already upset about being ridden by an inept bungler went wild and decimated the bad guys, the survivors fleeing in disarray. We strolled out of town laughing! Of course we walked right into some draconians...