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Thread: Dragonlance Cosmology (that makes sense)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weldon Chen View Post
    But this is really all getting metaphysical.
    And I love it!

    One of the reasons I love DL more than FR and the like, is this element. I really enjoy the notion that the GG races get to enjoy free will while the humans and elves; classic destiny shaking heroes in other settings, only have the illusion of such. It's a really Planescape notion that lends itself well to the romance and tragedy of DL, that makes DL, DL.

    Thanks for the brain-stretch! Game on!
    Seriously; what's the point of being a minotaur if you're not going to skewer something, anything, on those beautiful horns....

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    The gods as cosmic neural networks might be one way to look at it.

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