Dropgun has undertaken a survey "TOP 5 AK 47 skins among its gamers. Our players only needed to name 5 TOP AK models in their view) Totally our team have questioned about 20 000 users!.. The results of exploration unexpected.

AK Redline

Redline for AK took the 2nd position in our survey This item is very juicy and stylish) Regardless its low price many gamers want to drop it from our cases

AK Jet Set

AK-47 Jet Set got the 5th place!.. The top need of this AK 47 is talking about its demand! Jet Set is the AK 47 that saw many places. Dropgun predicts greatest favour of Jet Set in the nearest future...

AK47 Vulcan

The Fourth place took AK-47 Vulcan with a small gap from 5th place!.. Our managers noted this AK47 is so sought-after because of its beauty... This AK47 is craft decorated item in the style of some deep mountain !..

Wasteland Rebel AK47

That item took the First position among skins for AK47

This item has its own charismas.

Fire Serpent - AK 47

Our managers were unexpected that AK Fire Serpent haven't take the 1st but 3rd place We think that its popularity is the offer of days that went away... Our team think that this Serpent is a Fire one due to the csgo gun. Either, this is one of the most famous models at all

Each of those items gamers can drop easy from cases on our web store.

Our team thank you for voting)