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    I'm playing in a 5E Dragonlance game, Post War of Souls, and am a human fighter. I recently hit level 3 and was looking over the three martial archetypes in the PHB, and considering them. But I was wondering about Eldritch Knight. Is there any consensus among the community on how that fits into the Dragonlance setting? Would he need to take his Test at some point (they get third level spells at 13th level)?
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    In my games I make Eldritch Knights only available to Elves. But I am very old-school and I like to keep race-specific options.
    And yes, they do need to take the Test since they can access 3rd level spells. It would be very late in the character's career, but they would need to pass it.
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    Renegade hunter comes to mind. Do those exist after War of Souls?

    In a larger sense, it boils down to the age old question of whether you adapt new editions/systems to the DL setting or vice versa. Since you're pretty far along in the canon anyway, I say you might as well be open in your approach to new mechanics.
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