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Thread: Thought you folks might get a kick out of this

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    Talking Thought you folks might get a kick out of this

    So I work at a ski area in the children's ski school. The manager came to me today and said she was coming up with some names for the 4 animal mascots that we have. We recently expanded a chairlift and named it and the runs it serves after magic things; Spellbound, Witch's Brew, etc. and she would like to keep with the theme and name the mascots after wizards and was asking for name suggestions.
    She had made a list from a google search she did about wizards with specific first letters of the names. Under the F list was a name we all know well and I said we should use that. She said it was her favorite but she had never heard of that wizard before. I just smiled and said he was a great wizard who could control dragons. I then suggested a name in the T list that she liked as well. I know he was not a wizard but let's keep that between us as I introduce you to two of our mascots, Tanis the Turtle and Fizban the Fox

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    That's great! Thanks for sharing!



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