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Thread: Firebrands of Sirrion - Champions of Change or Jerks?

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    Question Firebrands of Sirrion - Champions of Change or Jerks?

    One of the more interesting prestige classes from Holy Orders of the Stars is the Firebrand of Sirrion. The short version (and it's been a while since I read it over) is that Firebrands are agents of change so that societies are not stagnant.

    This sounds like a good thing. I could see a Firebrand liberating a city from the Dark Knights, or maybe introducing an orphanage to the arts to lift their spirits.

    On the other hand, I could see Firebrands being a disruption to an area thriving under a lawful rule. This disruption may change things and cause harm.

    So are Firebrands champions of change? Or are they just being a jerk?
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    Since Sirrion works with Reorx, and is close to Habbakuk and Branchala, I donít see him as a destructive agent. He avoids the more purely neutral gods, and opposes Sargonnas outright.

    Based on portfolios and personalities, I donít see his servants as disruptive for the sake of random craziness. I think that if change were south or called for within a peaceful, high-functioning society, it would be through charitable public works or legislation. Reorx organizes and builds, Habbakuk resurrects and renews, and Branchala brings joy. These are Sirrionís closest connections. Heís also bound to Shinare as a romantic partner. I canít see him or by extension the majority or his servants as random jerks. Moderater - To be one, ask one!

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