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Thread: Current Status of the world of Dragonlance

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    Default Current Status of the world of Dragonlance

    Can anyone tell me what the current status is of the world of Dragonlance? The last DL books I read was the War Of Souls trilogy many years ago and kind of drifted over to other genres afterwards. For some reason, I have always had a soft spot for Dragonlance books and was wondering what the latest is with Dragonlance, is it still in publication? Has the story moved on since WoS? If if it still around, what the future plans are for DL.

    Thanks for any responses.

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    Hey, Anathar. There were quite a few novels following War of Souls, but this has ceased as of 2010. Probably nothing short of a successful DL movie would revive the franchise to the point that new novels would be written. Even Forgotten Realms novels are coming out at just a trickle.

    Anyway, the more important post-WoS stories probably include:

    Wizard’s Conclave (Niles)
    Elven Exiles trilogy (Thompson/Cook)
    The Dark Disciple trilogy (Weis)
    Taladas Trilogy (Pierson)
    The Rise of Solamnia trilogy (Niles)

    As usual with other eras, there are also books about dwarves, minotaurs, etc.; read whatever you’re interested in.


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