I haven't seen a post on this anywhere, but I wonder if anyone else has checked out the relatively new Dungeons & Dweebs Podcast. They are currently going through rather long reviews of the Chronicles Series, discussing the books in great detail.

I found them interesting to listen to. I think they were a bit anachronistic, though.
What I mean is that a number of the reviewers were reading this series for the first time, 30 years later, and they are basing their review of mid 1980s books based on a world in which we live in today, in the late 2010s.
They do acknowledge this to a point, and I think they are a bit critical of some of the book's shortcomings, but over-all I am enjoying listening to their thoughts and opinions of the books. So far, I'm listening to their review of DoWN.

Anyone else have a listen to these podcasts yet? They are fairly long; over 2 hours.