Hello everyone,

I thought it might be good to pop in and let (potentially interested) parties know there's a Dragonlance (unofficial, for the fans) server up and running. Our current members are largely ex-Livejournal users, as well as people (including myself) who remember the days of Raistland. We've got some newbies, too, and some first-time readers of the core series! Feel free to drop by and check things out; this is the join link: https://discord.gg/9NrmdeX

If you're entirely fresh to the idea of Discord, worry not. Here's some directions for getting everything set up (copied from a member of the server):

"If youíre new, hop on over here! Youíll want to download the app to your desktop or Mac and create an account! Discord is free to use, and works as a sort of chat room / gaming hub. You can jump into any room you have an open link for (as above) or receive an invitation to come join! Itís also available as an app in both Google Play and the Mac App Store! Once you register yourself a brand new account, youíll be on the homepage of the Discord App. Click on the + symbol in the circle over to your left and choose the second option to paste the link above. Boom, youíre in! (Or, to expedite things, simply download the app and create your username, then click the join link above!)

If you donít want to download the app, you can click on the link and join with a nickname in Discordís internet browser option, but this method isnít quite as stable as the above and you might lose the room and your name if you clear your cache or browsing history!)"

That said, do come join us. We'd love to meet you! =)