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    Here is my first OC for Pulp Lance.

    Marvin Huppert is the Chairman and CEO of Talon. He is a short,fat balding man wearing a pair of prescription glasses and a blue business suit. To Talon's enemies, he is the embodiment of everything evil about Talon with his avariciousness, cruelty and downright contempt for anyone who gets in his way. But, behind this evil facade is a subservient toadie who is pushed around by Talon's Board of Directors, The Dragon Highlords and by Ariakan Ariakas, the Head of the Knights of Takhisis, a knighthood that integrated itself into Talon after bribing Marvin and the rest of the Board. Ariakan is actually in charge of the company but keeps Marvin around as a figurehead to distract his enemies.

    What do you think of this guy?

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    It's a bait and switch BBEG. Pretty standard. Moderater - To be one, ask one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperBall View Post
    It's a bait and switch BBEG. Pretty standard.
    Any suggestions on how to make him more interesting? Also, does it make sense to have the Highlords and Ariakas push him around? Also, i am thinking of having Talon first appear during the War of the Lance and lasting until The War of Chaos where either Takhisis spontaneously combusts Marvin and the Board or the Knights slaughter everyone.
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