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    So, I am a huge Dragonlance fan, and a long-time gamer. I've recently starting gaming with a group that only does Forgotten Realms! I've read a few of those novels, but don't really know the world as well as I know Krynn.

    Recently, my character (a high elven wizard) made a discovery that, had I been on Krynn, I would have taken directly to the Conclave (or someone who could take it to the Conclave.) But I don't know what that equivalent is in Faerun! So who would I report to? If it helps, my character is neutral good and lives in Baldur's Gate.

    I recently read "Spell Storm" to try to learn more about Forgotten Realms, and realized that wizard politics are very different in the two settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm no expert on FR, but I do know there is no equivalent to the Conclave (that is, a continent wide mage guild that all mages must join). There are numerous wizard guilds with their own different rules and regulations. I guess if you are of Good alignment and need to see someone Important, than Elminster would be a good choice. But he's usually in Shadowdale.

    Another possibility is to find a temple to Mystra, the goddess of magic. (I am assuming your discovery is about magic, right?) The Mystra clergy might be able to help.
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    The easiest choice is to ask your DM. Simply say, "I want to turn this information over to a good faction that would be able to use it, but I am not familiar with FR factions. Whom should I look for?"

    FR has several "Good" factions. One is the Harpers, other is Order of the Gauntlet. I believe both are discussed in the PHB. They are in the free version.

    Other than that, the easiest choice is to always ask the DM and other players. If you actually show an interest in an immersive campaign, they will probably be more than happy to help.

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    Baldur's Gate has no fixed arcane organization inside the city, and so your best bet is to try to find a Harper in one of the reputable Inns. Otherwise, you could petition to see one of the four Dukes that rule there. Moderater - To be one, ask one!

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