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    I started DMing a game using the Dragonlands alternate setting presented in the Legend of the Twins d20 book (Dragonarmies won the War of the Lance for those who hadn't read). My intention was to make a game in a more urban style with an idea of "resistance fighters" like French Resistance in WWII occupied France. I would like to plan this like a tv show, with serialized sessions.

    I do not have a campaign or an adventure ready, just the concept and the idea for the next session, which is tomorrow (and for the sessions to come).

    We played two sessions, in which my players started as slaves on a mine and managed to escape with the assistance of some freedom fighters who had gone to rescue one of the PCs, who is a part of the local resistance. After they escaped, they went to the city of New Port, which is where this group is located, but as they arrived they found out that the city was in lock down because this PC who got rescued gave up, under torture, the identity of the resistance leader (and she did not revealed this to her friends), so the local dragonarmy was looking for him.

    They managed to enter the city, bribed the docks manager to provide working papers for them to walk without trouble (since most of them are non-human and therefore not suposed to be there). After that they went to the house where the resistance leader was hiding. This is where we ended the session.

    What I have planned for the tomorrow's session is:

    • They'll find the house empty
    • The militia will arrive soon
    • They'll find something (don't know what) indicating that the other members of this resistance are out of town on a mission (don't know what)
    • This resistance were supposed to stop a ship from leaving the city with weapons (or any other thing) to the dragonarmies.
    • Since the city is in lockdown, the players will be asked to help the resistance with this.
    • When they try to walk through the city, patrols will stop them and take their papers (to create an obstacle for the players to walk freely).

    Well, this is what I had thought for this next session. But I'm not an expert DM so I don't know how to transform this concept into a gaming session. How should I procede?

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    Hi there.

    It sounds really interesting. I ran something similar once, a conversion I made of Chaos Spawn and I think the other one was Seeds of Chaos, two saga adventures dealing with the initial stages of the Chaos War and the invasion and occupation of Palanthas by the Knights of Takhisis. You might get some good ideas there for occupation, patrols, encounters and so.

    For additional material, I'd suggests the urban / warfare encounters in the D& 3.5 adventure The Red Hand of Doom as an inspiration. It has snipers, infilitrators, raiders, sieges and all kind of combat stravaganza.


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