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I've never really thought about that. But I really don't like the idea of it happening anytime a draconian dies. Just sitting here trying to think up a solution and here's how i would do it if i was running a game.

Originally draconians had no control over their racial death abilities. But a couple decades into Teyr being settled draconians have more free time on their hands. They are no longer fighting someone else's war. Draconian philosophers and thinkers start to pop up in the city. One of them, through meditation, figures out how to control if his death will trigger the ability or not. So it becomes a choice as more and more draconians learn how to unlock this mental ability.
Well, because it's not spelled out, I really can't help your feelings about it. As a patron of draconians, it would be comforting to think that Kang's last moments would be around his friends and family. However, because I don't know what would happen, andthing I'd like would be a matter of speculation. I would assume Kang wouldn't know either. Would he take that risk? The modern equivalent is one living the rest of one's life with a bomb strapped to one's chest.

Now, Cam Banks wrote in a Dragon magazine article about the physiology of the Draconian, and the death throe is powered by the draconis fundamentum. So, I had speculation such as removing that organ. No source of draconic magic, no death throe. But then once also sacrifices sorcery magic casting abilities or special abilities to that is powered by the draconis fundamentum.

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The death throes are powered by sudden disruption of the draconian's life cycle. I imagine natural death, as opposed to violent death, is a "slow" phenomenon (in real-world terms, a quasi-static phase transition) so it's not an explosive phenomenon. They simply die.
Well, there was one thing that Margaret Weis and Don Perrin wrote into Draconian Measures. Draconians that had their souls split apart by the Heart of Dracart don't have a death throe. One sivak who was killed did not change into the shape of his killer (Slith).