Hello everyone,

First off - thanks to those of you who put in the hard work in converting DL for Pathfinder. I'm going to try running my own DL Pathfinder game in a few months once my current GM needs a break, and your work has been invaluable in my preparation.

I have a question regarding how you would handle leveling/spell casting/WoHC prestige class. The question I have is that if a character were to become a WoHC at 5th or 6th level, then proceed to level up exclusively through the PrC, they would be ECL 15 or 16 when they maxed out the WoHC PrC, meaning they wouldn't have access to 9th level spells.

I'm not an experienced RPGer by any means, and am learning the Pathfinder rules for the first time, so maybe I've missed something... but it seems like if a WoHC wanted access to 9th level spells, it would be necessary to put off moving to the PrC until level 7 at least... which story wise does not make sense to me, as my reading of DL leads me to believe that most serious spell casters should be tested at 5th or 6th level max. In my view the test should be offered as soon as the pre-reqs are met, as the conclave would want to ensure than any eligible mage is practicing within the confines of the Order. Has anyone else come across this issue, or is there a work around in the rule set that I've overlooked?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been discussed before, but I didn't see it come up when I searched old threads.