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    Smile Ansalon : The Dragonlance Mud

    Just wanted to let everyone know about my absolute favorite game, Ansalon. It is now running on a new site port 8679. There are new staff members pushing player interaction, brand new immortal run quests almost daily as well as fantastic prizes for weekly item and role-play quests. We have seen a recent influx of new players and all of them are sticking around for more. We are now in the top 20 on The Mud Connector for the first time in the game's history and are the number one Dragonlance based multi-user dimension in existence with over 15,000 original Dragonlance based rooms spread over 200 different areas. Role-play and PK continue to grow and new story lines are sprouting as we speak. Come be a part of an exciting and growing community of passionate Dragonlance fans. A tight knit group still exists that has played the game since the mid 1990's so there is always an expert around to point you in the right direction. Stop by and tell them Seifer sent you! port 8679 We recommend using MushClient to connect, more information available on the website

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    Great to hear! I was totally sucked in to MU*s in the late 90s, mostly Middle-earth and Dragonlance MUSHes. I have since forsworn all forms of video games, but, it’s really neat to hear that text-based gaming communities are still trucking along!

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