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Thread: DL 4 Dragons of Desolation; IC; Chapter 4

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    Max smiles gently at Rough's words and allows him to bandage her wound. "Thank you, kind Rough." She gives a small sigh of relief when the decision is made to not execute the prisoners and nods at Vale for speaking his mind.

    Max walks over to the priest, helps bind him, and removes the holy symbol he used. "This..." She says, holding the symbol in front of his face " the symbol of lies. Where did you learn of it?"

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    In the halls of Thorbardin, Somewhere in the Kharolis Mountains; Late Afternoon of 22 Hiddumont (October), 351 AC

    The Gray Dwarf Cleric has no time to answer any questions as he suddenly gasps and twitches and spasms painfully as his face turns into a grimace and blood begins to slowly leak from his nostrils, lips and even his ears. After shuddering a few more times his eyes roll up into the back of his head and falls to the ground in a non-moving heap. It's quickly apparent that he is deceased....

    Maxavel 'hears' the words of Mishakal echo in her head; There is nothing you could have done my beloved; his choice of God; the foul Lord of Deceit has silenced his own Prophet. Sighing, the Ergothic Cleric moves to the other prisoners, who are slowly coming out of their magically induced slumber to find themselves tied-up and gagged by tall strangers.....

    Gerald, Gilthanas, Rough and Thorn tie up the 3 surviving Gray Dwarf archers and gag them; while Vale takes a look at the drugged, non-Gray Dwarf. While there are some small cuts and bruises; he looks to be in decent health; he is strong and has a brown beard and appears to be a young Dwarf. He is dressed in mining clothes, though the gold bracer on his right arm would seem to signify that he is a Dwarf of better means than most...

    When the Gray Dwarves do wake up and find themselves in their predicament, their eyes widen in fear and it doesn't take much effort to get them to talk. Though they don't understand Common; they all speak Dwarven, though with a thick, unfamiliar accent to Thorn's ears. One of them, whose name is Tongfa Caveflame; says that their Priest; the late Wennik Stoneaxe (nods to the Corpse); told them that it was their sacred duty to kidnap the son of Thane Hornfel; which they did (nods to the drugged Dwarf); but then they were running from the large band of troops led by the OTHER son of the Thane; whom the Cleric did NOT tell them about....

    It wasn't long after this moment when the sounds of a large party could be heard swiftly moving towards them from deeper inside the mountain. Sure enough, a few moments later a party of some two dozen Dwarves; all Mountain Dwarves like Thorn; rounded the corner and came up short at the sight of the humans and elves and Dwarf party in front of them. All of the Dwarves are wearing chainmail and carrying weapons and one steps forward who is wearing plate mail, carries a large two-handed Hammer and has an apron with a Dwarven rune stylized on it that Thorn (and those than understand Dwarven writing) realizes states 'Of the Royal Clan'. The Dwarf is tall, strong, young and has Brown Hair and wary Brown eyes and looks a lot like the drugged Dwarf the Gray Dwarves had kidnapped. Thorn notices he also has a braid of hair on the right side of his head which traditionally only the members of the Royal Clan families wear.

    He steps forward and calls out in Dwarven; "I am Arman Kharas*; son of Thane Hornfel of the Hylar. My warriors and I were pursuing a band of rogue Theiwar Dwarves that kidnapped by half-brother Pick. I see you are strangers of different races that have not been seen or heard from in Thorbardin for centuries. It would seem that you have fought the Theiwar and defeated them and have Pick in your custody. What are your intentions?"....

    *Thorn and all those that speak Dwarven would know that 'Arman' is NOT a Dwarven name but rather means 'Lesser', so he's calling himself 'Lesser Kharas'....needless to say this is NOT something any Dwarf Thorn has ever met would have heard of.

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    Thorn​ greets the dwarves bowing to the ones dressed of royalty says not a word and puts the crown back on.
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    Default Rough

    Stands up straight and squares his shoulds, gently nudging Max and the elvens to do the same. He then bows in a dwarven fashion, standing a couple steps behind Thorn to indicate him as the respected leader for the time being. Otherwise, the old man is silent, but remains upfront and bold as if he has nothing to hide.

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