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Thread: DL 4 Dragons of Desolation; IC; Chapter 4

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    Default Rough

    Quote Originally Posted by GreyWolfVT View Post
    Thorn stops before passing through the arch and says "I mourn for Kharas" then passes through the arch.
    He takes a long deep breath and steps up to the arch. "I mourn for Kharas." he says in dwarven slowly so his companions can hear the inflection of the language. He then hunches his head and shoulders and passes through solemnly. He strides forward a pace and looks up and around before putting his eyes to the ground and taking a slow and deliberate pace forward.
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    "Good. Finally a quest with directions." Max nimbly hops across the pond and does her best to try and hear the dwarvern spoken by Rough. She tries to follow the path of Thorn and Rough.

    "I mourn for Kalas" She tries to say in dwarven, then takes a step forward.

    haha. just noticed I misspelled Kharas. wow.

    Nothing happens, so she tries again.

    "I mourn for Kharas" She tries to say in dwarven, then takes a step forward.
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    Default Gilthanias

    Steps into the archway and says "I mourn for Kharas."

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    Gerald follows behind his companions. Closing his eyes, he mutters the words "I mourn for Kharas" in what he hopes is good enough dwarven, and steps through the arch.


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