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Thread: DL 4 Dragons of Desolation; IC; Chapter 4

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    Default Gilthanias

    Searches with his eyes for any movement or heat signatures in the windows. Let us see where these tracks go.

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    Default Rough

    Grunts, squinting here and there. "Old human eyes don't do so well down here. Are you others having any more luck?" Looking to Thorn, he points almost offhandedly with his thumb. "Never expected the inside of a mountain to be anything other than solid rock, other than a few caves and crevasses. But you dwarves can sure build them up *strong*" The last word said in dwarven. He was obviously impressed in his own way.

    He kept an eye on Gil and Vale, wondering how they would react to the subterranean kingdom. For his part, he still preferred the surface of the mountain to the inside. He liked an open sky. Still, anything beat the swamp or Skullcap. He frankly didn't care to ever revisit those places. He busied himself for now tracking their query and trying to determine more details of those they were following. How many were there, was there any clue to what they were doing down here, where they guards, scouts, miners, or even dwarves at all for that matter? He tried not to get his hopes up, but he was hoping they would find a welcome where they were heading. He was anxious for some fresh pipeweed, red meat off the bone, and Habbakuk willing, a new flask of dwarf spirits. His mouth was already watering...
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