Chuffy stood on a shore covered in flotsam and debris, perfect for scavenging. Ahead lay a village, already on fire. Fire of all colors. Screams and cries echoed musically through the air. As Chuffy took in his surroundings, he noticed the statue still hunched behind him, just at the tide's edge. Before he could think what to do, the statue's mouth opened in a wide yawn, tongue lolling out. It then growled, and rose to its feet.

"You! Goblin! I have seized you for a purpose. Stand tall and let me see my prize. What were you doing walking around that ruin? Those are my halls now! I am Zarugol, son of Zog-mugot. And the ruins of Zog ever belong to the pups of the heros! Why are you staring! Answer me!" The statue, no statue at all, moved its stony skin as if it was just as supple as true flesh. The gems of his eyes glittered eerily. The barghest stood with the last declaration, looming over Chuffy. The little goblin could see the oceans writhe behind Zarugol, as if his agitation was shared by the waves themselves.

"Hangrevor has his own goblin from your troupe. I have taken you because if my cousin wants something, I will defy him for it!" The stone barghest drooled as he spoke, foaming spittle spilling down his chin to drip onto the sands. Each droplet mirrored the frothing waves behind Zarugol perfectly, and a glimmer of a red-tinged eye stared back from within them.

Chuffy stood alone on this beach in someplace he did not know. Whatever could happen next? He stared at the barghest, who stared back expectantly. Oh yes! It had questioned Chuffy, and awaited his answers. Chuffy glped and prepared to give an account of himself.

Welcome to Basalfeyst, where Dogbreath already awaits...