In case you missed it, WotC posted an article on revised subclasses.

Barbarian: Path of the Ancestral Guardian
Bard: College of Swords
Fighter: Arcane Archer
Monk: Way of the Kensei
Sorcerer: Favored Soul

Perhaps the most notable subclass is the favored soul, which is on its third try. As it stands now, it has a lot of the flavor of the DL mystic class and Citadel Mystic prestige class. Still no domain, but a DM could easily house rule that the favored soul can choose spells from a single domain. Or you can craft your spell list around a theme and call it good. It does have the ability to grow wings again, now called Angelic Form. So imagine a high-level DL mystic growing wings.

The other nice thing about doing it this way is that it fits well with the idea of the sorcerer and mystic being two sides of the same coin.

So what did everyone else think about the subclasses?