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Thread: Star Wars DoD - Episode VIII: Jaws of the Sarlacc

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    Tahla sprang out of the turbolift car on the heels of Kadrien's attack. The Force flowed through her, enhancing her natural speed, and the chamber blurred by in her peripheral vision as she bared down on the gunner.

    OOC: Free action to activate Surge. UtF check 20 (Serenity)+18=38. +6 squares of movement. Move action 12 squares W. Moderater - To be one, ask one!

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    Alsia closed her eyes for a brief second and focused her energies and will. When she opened them, she felt as though she was protected.

    ooc: spend a force point for damage reduction 10 for 1 minute.
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    Shayle watched as the jedi sprung into action and Alsia seemed to be channeling the force as well. He knew there was more than just one trooper and a lone cannon in this hall. He took up a defensive posture in the lift just in case something or someone popped around one of the corners he couldn't see.

    OOC: Standard to fight defensively without attacking.
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    Default Begin Round 1

    While the others prepared or bolstered defenses, Tahla barreled forward at a Force enhanced speed. The passageway opened up into the wider corridor, and three more stormtroopers and a towering battle droid were revealed to her left and right. The three-meter tall droid vaguely resembled a death’s-head Imperial armor design. A superheated blade protruded from its wrist with an accompanying rocket launcher emplacement tracking from its shoulder section.

    As the jedi master approached the downed gunner, she noticed the e-web blaster torn asunder on the deck, blocking her way. It seemed Kadrien’s connection to the Force had grown in leaps and bounds similar to her. Regardless of the distraction, there was still a split second edge to the rebels' surprise assault. They had the advantage for now…

    OOC: Everyone does their thing on the surprise round.

    Kadrien’s damage from Move Object basically destroyed the e-web cannon. Pretty cool! Superball, due to the blaster being in the way, I moved Tahla a little differently on the map. It’s considered difficult terrain.


    Rebels = 24
    Imperials = 21

    You guys are up again for Round 1!

    Rector Access Corridor 2.jpg

    K=Kadrien, P=Alsia, S=Shayle, T=Tahla, S=Elite Stormtroopers, Big P=Purge Trooper, B=Broken E-Web Cannon
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