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Thread: Star Wars DoD - Episode VIII: Jaws of the Sarlacc

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    Default The Last Stand of Nessa Soth

    Regardless of the readiness, the large blast doors hissed open on their own accord; an invitation. Before entering, everyone heard Kenobi’s voice over the comlink.

    “Master Tahla, we’ve secured the detention level. Bran is not here. I sense we’ve been dupe…kzzzkzzzzz”

    As static flooded the channel, their comms went dead in a jamming signal. With no other way but forward, the rebels crossed the threshold. The auxiliary command bridge was lit by the eerie red light of the main reactor. Standing near the junction between the two chambers was the sinister form of Nessa Soth, her lithe dancer’s figure resplendent in Inquisitors robes. Stormtroopers stood at the ready throughout, and Imperial technicians seemed to work furiously at control panels throughout the chamber.

    "Ah welcome, you’ve made it! But you're far too late," she said matter-of-factly. "Here we stand, all the Dejarik pieces on the table. If you throw down your weapons now, I guarantee a quick and painless death. As you can see, we are more than prepared for you."

    A large display screen on the other side of the room flickered to life, revealing the stern, traitorous face of Adrian Verana decked out in a white Imperial Admiral’s uniform. "Inquisitor Soth, why aren't those tractor beams offline yet? We're losing valuable men out there."

    Nessa offered a small smile.

    "In a moment, Admiral, your ship will be free of the station, and I will dispose of these traitors in plenty of time for you to crush their fleet."

    “Well now, what will it be,” she asked after a dramatic pause.

    OOC: No map yet. There is Nessa, two squads of stormtroopers and five Imperial technicians in the room.
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    Tahla's lightsaber shrieked to life, the white light of the blade pushing against the vermillion gloom. She felt the hilt shudder, and heard the moan of the plasma through the station's recycled air. If they surrendered, their rebellion would die in the throes of its birth. Tahla and the others needed to buy time for the fleet fighting for their lives outside. She heard Admiral Verana's articulate High Galactic accent in her mind, reading off the names of the dead on Polis Massa. She would honor their sacrifice, here and now.

    "No." She said, raising her blade into a high guard. She would make her stand here. If the others joined her, she might survive. If they retreated, they might still complete the mission without her, and tying up Nessa would buy them, and the doomed fleet, time. Moderater - To be one, ask one!

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    Somewhere deep down Kadrien had known for a long time that the two of them would end up like this. Brother and sister, light and dark; their confrontation had been inevitable. But that didn't make it any less sad or her any less deadly.

    "I'm sorry, sister," he said, using plainer words with her than ever before. "I should have tried to save you from that place, all those years ago. I didn't think I could help you then and I probably can't help you now, either." He reached out to her in the Force and even though he knew it was hopeless, he poured his emotions into it. His childish fear and jealousy of her, his anguish at seeing her now, all of it. The connection was a dangerous one and he fully expected her to lash back at him through it. But who was he if he didn't try?

    "The Empire isn't you, Nessa. It never has been. You're no Jedi, but I don't think you're a Sith either. I think I'm the same way. We can be something different, you and I together. Help us here and then let's run. Beyond the Rebellion and the Empire. We can figure out who we are, together." The pleading in his voice was obvious even if there was no real hope behind it. He said the words and he meant them, but he could also feel they were pointless. If he lived through this, though, he knew he would be glad he had said them. Had given her a chance.

    Please let me know if any rolls are required here, Ed. I don't expect it to actually be feasible, so I didn't add any.

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    Alsia began priming her rifle. This wasnt going to end well.
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