As their leader fell, the remaining stormtroopers did not hesitate to act. Typical Imperials usually saved their own skin before going down with the proverbial ship. But these werenít ordinary troopers. Trained on Byss by the Emperorís retainers, the squad was a dedicated, elite cadre fiercely loyal to doctrine. It was fight or die. So they fought. More blasts focused on the weaker of the rebels, those with the most wounds. Those who bled. Alsia and Shayle became the targets of blaster potshots. Though Alsia ducked out of the way, the Bothan found himself again victim of a horrible wound to his back, burning through his uniform and thick coat of fur.

OOC: Shayle moves to current.

S1 takes a full-round action for a Double Attack on Alsia and Shayle:
1D20(5) + 19 = 24, miss.
1D20(18) + 19 = 37, hit on Shayle.
3D8(20) + 5 = 25 damage to Shayle.

Your turns.