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Thread: Star Wars DoD - Episode VIII: Jaws of the Sarlacc

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    The Beginner's Luck veered around the next corner like a spinning coin, TIE-Fighters screaming in the ship's wake.

    “Shayle! Are these tunnels the only way in and out?” ACE asked the Bothan at the SYSOP station. “If they aren't, maybe we can collapse the way behind us – crush the Imps and cut them off?”

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    Shayle nodded, his Bothan face front-lit by the blue glow of the sensor screen as sharp nails clacked on keys and dials.

    "No, only one way in and out," he growled in frustration. "These accessways were used only during the construction phase, sealed off when they finished the outer hull. There are some redundant passages, though; other ways back to the hull breach...."

    OOC: Shayle takes a Standard action DC25 Use Computer check to use the sensors: 1D20(19) + 20 = 39, success.
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