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Thread: DL Canticle Episode #92- Kitiara VS Mina

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    Default DL Canticle Episode #92- Kitiara VS Mina

    This one has been the most difficult battle yet. If i had never read Highlord Skies i would have said Mina right away, but i really enjoy the Kit we get to see in that novel.

    After much deliberation i'm going to have to just barely give it to Kitiara. Her scenes in Highlords Skies and at the end of Test of Twins are what push her over the edge for me. Her death at the end of legends is bone chilling. And the fact that i think Mina's character traits in War of Souls gets a little old towards the end. Even if it gets better in Dark Disciple.
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    I give it to Kit, easily. Mina isnt so much as a villain as she is a selfish, spoiled little girl that always gets her way - even in godhood she gets her way. Do bad things happen around her? Yes, but only because of her own stupidity and selfishness, and not because of a villainous intent.
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