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Thread: Hell's Rebels Part One: In Hell's Bright Shadow

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    Dalvin shifted his stance as the imp vanished. The wrapped leather of his hilt pressed against his hand as he tightened his grip on his sword. His eyes darted around the room as he tried in vain to locate the beast. She had called out from somewhere in the vicinity, but the bare stone made her voice reverberate so much that pinpointing her location from such a short sentence was all but impossible.

    The Page had already begun to try to magically detect the tiny devil’s location and so Dalvin waited by his side, ready to defend him should the need arise. In the mean time he called out to the creature, “How can you say that we are not enemies? You are a fiend from the pits of the nine hells, what deal could we possibly wish to make with you?!”

    Ready action to 5-foot-step toward the imp if it makes a hostile action. If that puts her in a threatened square, make an attack.
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    The Page felt the evil within his sight suddenly vanish. He knew the creature was still nearby, but it must have left his field of vision.

    "I am trapped! Have been trapped for so long." the high pitched voice wailed. "I have no wish to be your enemy. Please, help me gain my freedom and you shall never see me again. I shall leave Kintargo, never to return."

    Unfortunately, you can only ready a standard action. Technically, Dalvin would have had to hold his turn until after the Imp went to be able to attack and move if she appeared. Since we're playing in play by post and having one person on their own initiative would slow us down, I'm going to say ready your full turn and if she appears you'll take it, otherwise you'll stay in your normal initiative.

    The Imp does things, and The Page no longer senses her (I assumed his cone was centered on the pillar where Jaem last saw her).

    You guys up.


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    Jaem gripped the dagger, turning left and right, wary of the imp suddenly reappearing. “Of course you will,” he mocked her. “Passing our location on to the first guardsman you meet. You attempt to consort with our enemy, and then claim not to wish to. You lie.”

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    "Trusts works both ways. If you appear now, we will not strike immediately. If you do not, and make us find you. You will die." The Page growled already tired of these games. He marched forward expecting for the devil to have retreated further.

    ooc: continue DE, moving in the direction of the column it was last sensed.
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