Jaem held up one hand, indicating to the others that no one should rush into darkness, or move the lantern light and give away their position to anything lurking within. He nocked an arrow to the bow that they'd found earlier. It was short, the length of his torso, with a deep recurve. It was the kind of powerful weapon favored by Cheliaxian cavalry. He pulled to a half-draw, putting slight pressure on the bowstring, and disappeared into the passage. His Elf cloak melted into the darkness around him, until it seemed that he was just a vague clot in the stifling darkness. He moved to the corridor's end, and peered past the two sharp corners that marked the widening room beyond.

OOC: Double move to the end of the first hallway. Stealth check: 1d20(10)+16=26. Perception: 1d20(6)+5=11.