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Thread: Hell's Rebels Part One: In Hell's Bright Shadow

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    Jaem was taken aback, and stifled a look of shocked surprise that flashed across his face. This foppish boy would whinge about being ostracized, and then take everything that their benefactor had like some cuckoo. It rankled him. He wondered what sort of people he'd fallen in with. "Rexus," he tugged his glove from his hand before offering the nobleman a red-tinged hand. "I am Jaem Sczalerin. I was pressed to serve the House of Thrune as a skirmisher and a scout. I spent nearly ten years as something disposable. I would serve you, now." He deftly fished the large, shiny platinum trade coin from the pouch at his belt, and offered it to Rexus. "For your pains. You must carry on, for us to carry on." He hoped that his act of charity wouldn't be lost on this soft, selfish second son. He was no vulture. Moderater - To be one, ask one!

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    Rexus couldn't hide his suprise as Voltarus announced himself as a Sarini. It was not a family he expected to lead the Revolution, but his eyes showed that Voltarus could understand perhaps some small part of his pain. "Well met, Voltarus and Jaem," he said. To the Tiefling he said, "You are very just, but I beg you to use this money for the good of Kintargo. Use it to purchase whatever supplies you feel are necessary." He rifled through the coffer, removing the dagger and a pair of leather bracers which he handed to Voltarus. "These will help a mage such as yourself," he said. The dagger he left on the table, for anyone to use. The only thing he kept was a small, silver key. "This was my mothers," he said as he gazed at in his hands. He pocketed it with a look of resolve.

    "And what are your names?" he asked the other two.

    Perfect time to share a little about your characters with each other and Rexus!

    Contents of the coffer are:
    150 gp, a Victocora signet ring worth 75 gp, a masterwork silver dagger and a set of bracers of armor +1. Anything you guys don't take Rexus will donate to the Silver Ravens once it's up and running.

    -Loren Soth (LG Male Human Fighter 7/Paladin 3; Dragons on the River of Time)
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    Rexus looked away, sadly. "I say 'was' because our estate burned down a few nights ago, on the Night of Ashes..."

    Aphra's cheeks burned with anger. Prior, she had stayed on guard and quiet on the fleeting rush to the safe house within Crissali's Fine Tomes. Still she stayed quiet. She monitored the tiefling the closest in her silent anger. It was the things he said and did. If there was a Thrune or Asmoduen spy among them that would give away the location of the safe house, it was him. She interpreted his words and actions as patronizing. There were other clues. He didn't want money, suggesting it be put toward the 'effort'. Yet 'we' are the effort. Was he undermining her by suggesting the poor of Kintargo's slums did not need all the help they could get? His following gestures and suggestions, however, caused Aphra to ponder and think twice. Lounged slack in her chair as if not paying much attention, she lifted the light mace from her belt - the unused weapon of her first murder - and casually held its grip. It had become a powerful symbol to her and the unknown of the revolt ahead. Not wishing to turn more visibly red or sullen than she already felt inside, she instead gripped it's handle tighter, knuckles white with forced patience. The hand she held it in now was attached to her arm slung loose and low over the chair, unthreatening in the least if even noticed.

    "Not everyone has my eyes."

    Aphra murmured something unintelligible under her breath, shifting in her seat. A trap then? Aphra doubted such now, as the tiefling seemed most concerned about torches on others' behalf. Or was that to grant a false sense of security? Who knew what awaited underneath the Fair Fortune Livery. An ambush awaiting the angriest and most ambitious of the organizing revolt? 'Nipping it in the bud', it was called by hunters. Aphra reminded herself to not judge the tiefling based on her personal family history. Yet he'd also been the first to speak. ...An over-eagerness to win trust with Rexus? Aphra could not rule out there was a spy among them. That would be underestimating the enemy, as the extent of their insidiousness and power was unknown to any present in the room, obviously.

    "Valuables come and go, doing what is right is forever. I dont want your money, keep it. I will fight."

    Now the hatted man seemed the spy. He didn't want the aid either. He suggested he'd merely fight without resources and win. A brave sentiment. But foolish. Or was he the spy? The way his hat shadowed one from a clear look into his eyes...

    Wait, Aphra parried her thoughts. She had just committed murder in blind anger with the same sentiment - "I will fight."

    Despite her quiet demeanor, Aphra's mind still did not calm when Voltarus did what any so-called revolutionary with horse sense would do - take the offered resources. He was glib, she was glad. Unless he's the spy. After all, he IS a noble. Aphra secretly hoped Voltarus was not so incredibly glib as to fool all present, and diplomatic and glib he was indeed. And Rexus is a noble too. Look how they get along.

    Jaem was then also the first to react to Voltarus. Aphra leaned back in her chair and tossed her elbow over it. It was her manner - though she was a woman, her body language was much more akin to most men. A "tomboy", her dead family used to lovingly appraise her as a girl, dirty in the slums throwing wooden daggers at the wall. She watched and listened as the tiefling further patronized the wealthy.

    "These will help a mage such as yourself.."

    That's what had happened in the alley, Aphra realized. Those strange words and gestures Voltarus had made, that she could not make no sense of. Aphra had never seen or heard a spell cast before. Is that what she had witnessed? With Voltarus's glib tongue, that made him doubly dangerous, if he was a spy.

    "And what are your names?" Rexus asked the other two.

    When Aphra was done making a mental note of what pocket Rexus had placed his key in, she tilted her head and looked over at the shadowy man in the hat, pausing. "Is he plotting to not to reveal his name? Curious. Does he wait, shadowed, until we've all revealed our own before turning tail to a Thrune informant - now, or later?" Aphra knew when to keep her mouth shut. Her head tilted over again, eyes meeting those of Rexus.

    She gave him the minimum of a respectful nod of her chin.

    "Aphra," she announced to all, tight-lipped, the blood of her kills still smeared fresh on her face and white blouse. Let that do the talking. Her eyes fell on the hatted man, waiting on his next move. Before he spoke, her eyes casually judged the distance of both she and he from the door leading back into the bookstore proper. Had he deliberately sat most close to the door? she checked. She didn't want to kill again today, or maybe ever again.

    Proactive Sense Motives on everyone to weed out potential spies of Thrune or Asmodeus (for story and fluff!)
    On Jaem d20+2= 21.
    On (Page) d20+2= 9.
    On Voltarus d20+2= 9.
    On Rexus d20+2= 7.
    The Red Condor shrieked at Sir Darvig in full wrath. Wings flapped storms of fire across the sky. "The Mage-God grows in power swifter than it appears to Paladine. This I know. A warning," Sargonnas told Darvigl, "for you to give to Paladine in your prayers."

    “I will,” Darvig uttered.

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    The Page tugged at one riding glove and then the other, before slowing taking off his hat revealing eyes as dark as his hair. "Prydewyld Lockridge." He stated with a bit of a smile at Aphra, who seemed intent on digging into his soul with her eyes, but he knew he was a blank slate to her. And in that moment that their eyes met, he took her in. His smile widened, as if he knew a secret she didnt. He had a hunch that she was everything she said she was. "Now, it is time we get moving. Staying in one place for long, even one like this, is not a good idea."

    ooc: sense motive on Aphra 1d20(13)+9=22
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