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Thread: Interest Check: Thunderscape: The World of Aden

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    Talking Interest Check: Thunderscape: The World of Aden

    I would like to introduce you to a setting I hope to get more interest in and hopefully run a play by post. Its a 3rd party Pathfinder setting created from a fantasy world used in some PC games from SSI back in the 1990's. Here is the blurb:

    Thunderscape: the World of Aden exists in a battered but unbroken world of Aden, a world where knights and sorcerers fight shoulder to shoulder with mechamagical golems against the nightmarish hordes spawned by the Darkfall, a supernatural cataclysm of unknown origin. Ten years ago, the sun was suddenly and unexpectedly eclipsed by an unknown force. Although the darkness lasted only a short time, in those long moments of false night, horrors beyond imagining sprang from every shadow. Beasts long destroyed, terrors that had only ever been imagined, and things that no sane mind had ever contemplated all became suddenly, violently real, and Aden burned. The nocturnals, as these beasts became known, slaughtered countless thousands and put an untold number of villages and cities to the torch. In one instant, the world of Aden was plunged into chaos and anarchy. Having known only peace for more than a thousand years, the nations of Aden were ill-prepared for this ruthless onslaught, and it seemed that the world of the mortal races would perish without ever knowing the cause. But the people of Aden are hardier than that. The world was in the throes of an industrial revolution, with magic and technology being tied together into a strange arcane art known as mechamagic. With this, and with the many other strengths brought to bear by the nations of Aden, the world fights back against the Darkfall and the nocturnals.

    The Age of Thunder has not ended.
    Aden will not slip quietly into the night.

    As for the game, I would like to incorporate the Heart of the Machine adventure path, although with a lot of modifications.

    The PC's will start out as recently hired recruits for the Cogswheel Irregulars, a mercenary organization in the city of Mekanus in the nation of Urbana that are given bounties from the Urbana Government to solve the problems of the common folk where the Militia and the local Military would not. Think of them as hired adventurers who are paid for contracts or for doing something that benefits the city.

    Character Creation:

    20 Point Buy characters.
    You may pick 2 traits for your characters either from the core list or from the World of Aden book.

    Max starting money for your class.

    Hero points will be used although you may not have more than 3 at a time. So use em or lose em, you cannot horde them.


    Common Races Available: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Half-Orc (Technically Half-Jurak but same difference)

    Aden Specific Races: Ferran (Predator, Brute or Sneak), Goreaux, Rapacian, Faerkin, Jurak

    Rare Races: Elemental Races (Undine, Sylph, Ifrit, Oread), Tiefling, Echo

    Any race not mentioned on this list requires justification to play and must fit in as a sub-set to an existing race. For instance a Gnome or Halfling would be an Offshoot of a Faekin and a Tengu would be a rare Bird Ferran throwback.

    There are very few Aasmiar in Aden the as the interactions with the Alignment Planes are minimal and with the celestial planes even less in the wake of the Darkfall. Tieflings on the other hand have become more common and are either corrupted individuals by the Darkfall and/or demonic/devil magic or descendants of rare demonic/devil crossbreeds. Either way Tieflings suffer the same bonuses and penalties as Fallen do with social interaction (-6 racial on most diplomacy checks but +6 on Intimidation checks against non-fallen and non-tieflings). This does not stack with the Fallen Class however as they essentially are from the same source.

    Classes: All classes are allowed except for Psionic Classes and Summoners (As they are highly broken). There are also a number of new classes in the setting.

    The Aden Specific Classes are:

    The Arbiter: A powerful front-line style fighter and defender who uses strength to fight their foes and intelligence to outwit them.
    The Entomancer: A druid offshoot that casts magic like a sorcerer and can command, control and take on aspects of insects.
    The Fallen: An individual corrupted by the darkfall but has not fully given themselves to evil. They use their own corrupted nature as a weapon against their foes.
    The Golemoid: When a person gets extensive mechamagical upgrades and becomes a fusion of metal and flesh they become one of these. Their implants give powerful abilities.
    The Mechamage: A variant wizard that trades a school, arcane bond and some schools of spells in exchange for the ability to command and augment mechamagical golems and work with Mechamagical componets.
    The Seer: The seer can manipulate fate giving powerful bonuses to their allies and penalties to their enemies.
    The Steamwright: The Steamwright instead of using magic, uses enhanced science, alchemy, invention and machinery to generate wonderous effects. Their crafting skill is without comparison to those of lesser skill.
    The Thaumaturge: A class that ultilizes heroic spirits to alter their abilities on the fly. They could be a powerful warrior one day and a stealthy assassin the other depending on what spirits they draw on.
    The Thunderscout: The Thunderscout specializes in driving and operating mechamagical vehicles. From the fast thundercycle to the roomy transport, there is no better drivers in all of Aden.

    Altered Class Mechanics:

    Clerics/Oracles/Druids: There are no Gods in Aden but there is divine magic. Clerics and Oracles draw power from their faiths in certain ideals (Some could be organized faiths others would be upholding the spirit of their domain). Druids draw power from nature itself and not from any God. As there is no gods in Aden, spells that commune with deities instead commune with a powerful entity who might have answers. For Clerics, you are free to chose your favored weapon and any 2 domains you wish. Druids with domains follow the normal rules

    There is also a new Mechamagic Domain available to Clerics and a certain build of Druid that makes use of Mechamagic. There is an Alchemist build that also makes use of mechamagic and/or steamtech.

    Paladin: Paladins in Aden draw power from upholding a vow. The do not necessarily have to be Lawful Good in alignment (but almost are are generally a variant of Good). You MUST chose one vow to uphold. If the Paladin grossly violate their vow they lose their class features until they atone for their misdeeds.

    Other altered mechanics:

    Magical Item Crafting: Most magical items require a rare metal called "Manite" in their construction to hold a magical charge. Only Wands, Staffs, Potions and Scrolls do not require this kind of infusion. As part of the construction of a magical item, Manite must be incorporated into creating the item.

    Firearms are so common in the setting that they have their own rules. They are fairly cheap in cost and are not subject to misfire rules, instead having their own statistics and typically only have a 1 move action reload time. Firearms still do not function underwater though unless you have the proper ammunition. With the exception of Gunslingers, most firearms attack at normal AC. Gunslingers attack touch AC (As they would be useless if they didn't), but must use Deadshot Deed to do this on targets beyond the first range increment.

    Many classes get firearm proficiency as base for their class as well.

    Fighters as they are underpowered in the Core will use the rules from the Everyman Unchained Fighter supplement.

    So who would be interested in adventuring in a world of Steam and Darkness?

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