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Thread: Goblin Nonsense... (The Kingdom of Zog)

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    Manacles of Hadregash

    These iron manacles are pitted and rusty, but sound. They have a range that allows them to fit small to large individuals. The manacles act as masterwork manacles. In addition, for goblin-blooded wielders, they can be coaxed into other uses.

    A goblin-blooded wielder may use the manacles to invoke a Hold Person 1/day (HD=CL, DC=10+1/2 CL+Cha bonus). The wielder may use the manacles to cast a Command effect 3/day (HD=CL) and the wielder receives a +2 on saves vs compulsion and charm effects so long as the manacles are in his/her possession.

    Hadregash is the leader of the other Hero-gods. He demands respect and subservience. These manacles push his agenda of Goblin dominance and slavery.

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    Rabbi Hug

    Born a hobgoblin twin, Hrugo Bloodeye was marked by Venkelvore at birth with an auspicious birthmark. He was raised in the faith of the Most Glorious Never-Full and eventually rose to be the last high priest of the faith before the Kingdom of Zog fell. His elder twin, Hred Hexenbiest, grew to become a powerful warlock in his own right, but was ever overshadowed by his twin. In the waning days of the Kingdom, their feud grew fierce, leading to a great confrontation. Hrugo would be considered the winner, for he defeated Hred, imprisoned his brother, and eventually sacrificed and consumed the warlock. Yet Hred was not easily overcome, and in his last moments, he drew upon powerful forces and cursed Hrugo.

    "In death, defeat. Forever, no meat.
    Before the blasphemous, for them you will make a fuss
    Your knowledge given when asked,
    With conversion you are tasked.
    Until in the end you earn a succubus' kiss
    I curse you with my last breath, a hexing hiss!"

    Hred condemned Hrugo to lifetimes of servitude to those Hrugo would consider blasphemous. The curse was set to take effect at the moment of true death, denying Hrugo's soul a place in Basalfeyst in the afterlife. Hrugo, knowing full well the power of his sibling's curses, sought to go around the curse by embracing undeath. In the final moments of the kingdom, as Hrugo's temple was being overrun, he performed a ritual to bring him undeath, side-stepping true death for as long as he was among the unliving. Venkelvore is a harsh mistress, though, and her priest's flesh she stripped to fill her belly. Left without meat, Hrugo passed into undeath as a bone priest, already partially fulfilling his brother's curse. With his defeat by goblins from Thornkeep, of the Brambleclaw tribe, the full curse has taken effect and he now is in the possession of a priest of Rovagug, a cannibal like Hrugo. Hrugo's knowledge of the dark arts of necromancy, and the power available to a cannibal willing to partake of undead flesh and bone, is being imparted to this blasphemer, even as Hrugo strives to bring about a conversion of this Rovagug worshipper to the faith of Venkelvore.

    Rabbi Hug now grants the owner the following "recipes":

    First level
    Skeletal Marrow-hardens the bones, granting DR3/bludgeoning for 10 minutes/HD, up to 12 HD, but eater can only "process" 1HD/level, so at 3rd level, you get the same benefit from a 3HD skeleton as a 9HD skeleton---30 minutes of DR. Can be eaten up to 3/day

    Zombie Flesh-grants necrotic strength for a short time, but after the effects wear off, the eater is often quite ill; Eater adds a +2 unholy bonus to his strength' duration varies: lvl 1-4=1min/lvl, lvl 5-8=10min/lvl, lvl 9+(max 12)=1 hour/lvl; At 9th lvl the strength bonus rises to +4; Can be eaten 2/day, but when the effects end the eater must make a Fort save, DC 15+1/user's HD (max 12) or be nauseous for 10 minutes, then sickened for 1d3 hours. Making the save avoids the Nausea and halves the sickened duration

    Haunt Essence-Absorbed via suffering the effects and then neutralizing the haunt using positive energy to make it a knocking spirit; the user is temporarily able to heal from negative energy, but is harmed by positive energy, for 1d4 rounds /HD or CR of the Haunt. While in use, the user is immune to fear.

    Third Level
    Ghoul Flesh-gain paralytic venom bite attack for 2d4 rounds (DC of Fort is 10+1/2Hd or level+CON Mod) as a ghoul; at end, suffer from obnoxious reek similar to troglodyte stench, but not immune to own stench or that of others. Effect lasts for 1 minute/rnd of paralytic venom gained

    Wight Flesh-the chill of the grave steals into the eater, granting Resist Cold 5 for 2d4 minutes; the after effects only occur on a failed Fort sv (DC 18), leaving the eater shaken and sickened for 1 round/minute of resist gained

    Allip Essence-Absorbed rather than eaten, Allip essence grants the inhaler immunity to the dazed condition and a +4 equipment bonus on svs vs confusion effects for 10 minutes. The after-effect is a mental backlash. On a failed DC 20 Fort sv the inhaler suffers 1d4 WIS dmg and is Confused (as the spell) for 1 minute. Successful save avoids the confusion effect.

    Shadowstuff- rare, and spongy-textured. Shadowstuff adds a +10 to Stealth for 1 minute as shadows leak from the flesh, suffusing the devourer's space and granting concealment in any round spent moving at least 10'. After-effects: 1d3 str dmg (no save)

    Bone Priest Bones- Gnawing these bones grants the eater a +1 CL for 1 hour. In addition, the eater can cast the 1st level domain spell of the cannibalism sub-domain once during the hour (HD of eater=CL); At initial consumption, eater must make a Fort save DC 21 or suffer the staggered condition for the hour. Should the eater cast the domain spell, he or she must make a will save (DC 21) or swing alignment one step closer to CE. After the enhanced hour ends, a second Fort save (DC 18) is necessary or the eater is sickened for 3d4 additional minutes.
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    Hero-gods of the Kingdom

    Long ago the goddess Lamashtu stole four barghest servants of Asmodeus and brought them into her service. They found that when they killed mortals, each drop of spilled blood would turn into a goblin. Lamashtu created realms for them in the Abyss, and in exchange they swore loyalty to her.

    Hadregash-One of these barghests was the great Hadregash, strongest of his kind, who helped organize the goblins into the first tribes. Goblins now worship him, along with the other barghest heroes: his consort Venkelvore, wolflike Zarongel, and ugly Zogmugot (collectively known as the four Goblin Hero-Gods).The other barghest deities respect and follow Hadregash because of his great strength. They once tried to unite against him, but his swift and violent retribution forever convinced them that this was a bad idea.

    Venkelvor-Obese Venkelvore is the consort of Hadregash, and one of two female goblin deities among the group of demigod barghests (collectively known as the four Goblin Hero-Gods). Despite her obsessive desire for feeding, she is considered the most attractive demigod among the goblinoids.The goddess' hunger can only be satisfied by the ingestion of sentient beings.
    Venkelvore's insatiable hunger causes her to steal food from the other Hero-Gods, much to their annoyance.Even Venkelvore's followers occasionally bear misfortune wrought by her unquenchable hunger.

    Zarongel-Zarongel is a barghest demigod that is numbered among the four Goblin Hero-Gods that are believed to have created the goblin race. Some goblin tribes hold him in greater reverence than the other hero-gods or even Lamashtu. He appears to be the most wolf-like of the four, and has hair composed of magical fire, a gift of of the goddess Lamashtu for being the first of the four to pledge himself to her; the others still envy him for this. Hadregash in particular still wishes to steal the magical gift.
    Lamashtu is said to have freed Zarongel and the other three barghests from captivity by Asmodeus. He is believed to have taught goblins how to kill dogs and use goblin dogs as pets and mounts, which has garnered him the title "Bark Breaker".

    The particularly ugly, female Zogmugot is one of the four deities collectively known as the Goblin Hero-Gods.It is said that Zogmugot looks out of every piece of beach glass with her baleful, colorful eyes, and can see what those who come down to the beach are up to and if she is not happy, she'll trick them out into the riptide by having a nice bit of something shiny floating on the waves to lure them out. She is the one who chooses if a goblin who falls into the sea drowns or washes back up on shore. It is also believed that worshipers are rewarded for their piety with prime pieces of trash, which wash up on their beach. Many of her minion goblins drown due to her obsession.

    All four of the hero gods had temples in the Kingdom. The dynasty's rulers encouraged the worship of barghests among their followers. Some historians theorize that this religious encouragement that helped the Kingdom last as long as it did. The stability of the clergy allowed goblins to work together more effectively, and having clerics and adepts in the armies made for hardier, more deadly armies. Hobgoblins in particular found a new path to power, and many priests of each deity were hobgoblin. The same historians believe this theologic tolerance eventually effectively destroyed the Kingdom. They speculate that the dominance credo of Hadregash and the never-ending appetites of the clergy of Venkelvore forced the goblins to expand far too quickly for them to maintain themselves. The result was a collapse of the Kingdom from forces both within and without, and the internecine strife between the four cults was likely the tindertwig to the alchemist's fire.
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    Zigga's Sash

    This sash is made of fine red gold links and yellow-gold watered silk, belying it's sturdiness and properties. When worn, the sash provides a +4 enhancement bonus to Cha checks to intimidate to the wearer. In addition, for female wearers, the sash provides a similar +4 bonus to Strength checks related to bursting bonds, kicking open doors, "bend bars/lift gates" style actions, etc (any action designed to escape being trapped or held or to create entry/ exit to/from places the wearer is banned. For example, you get it on a Strength check to kick in the door of an enemy's house, someplace you aren't welcome, & you get the same bonus to break your own or someone else's manacles to escape bondage, but you don't get the bonus to lift a rock to see what's hidden underneath it). For goblin-blooded wearers the belt grants a Charm Person effect 1/day (HD=CL, Cha based, and 'Cha bonus for Intimidate' applies).


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