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Thread: Goblin Nonsense... (The Kingdom of Zog)

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    During the transition in power between Zozeg and Zig, a little-known battle raged between the last of the Consumer's forces and their lord and the allies and thralls of Zig, as well as the Drinker himself. This battle ended with Zig's traditional consumption of his predecessor, but only Zig departed the site of that last battle, with the head of Zozeg as proof of his cousin's demise.

    It was never known exactly where the battle was fought. And among the many goblin outposts and fortresses of the Kingdom, few ever weathered a change in power without internal conflicts that often gutted the garrisons and left areas unprotected. Goblin fecundity was reliable for refilling ranks, however, so these weakened states rarely lasted long. One negative of this was the loss of entire outposts and garrisons with no one the wiser. Depleted of troops and impossible to hold, or perhaps now ostensibly under the control of a new king the victors at the outpost don't care to follow, entire platoons of goblins might desert, leaving the site open to whomever came along to occupy it later. Few of these outposts were built by the goblins and amounted to little more than ruins themselves in most cases. The forest swallowed them all.

    Zig was rumored to be a vampire, but nothing was ever proven, at least not that scholars of today have found. But the rumors were indeed true. Vampiric minions, woven among the Consumer's generals soon after Zozeg ate Zagog the Devourer, waited for their master's signal, and pounced, gutting the ranks of Zozeg's loyalists. Fleeing his cousin's aggressive bid for power, Zozeg went to a royal Vault, an outpost used by the King to hold personal treasures, usually held by strongly loyalist followers. Zig and his retinue chased Zozeg there and penned him inside, where Zig's greatest assassin slaughtered much of the garrison before allowing Zig and his group entry.

    Zig, however, could not let the knowledge of his vampirism and vampire minions become common knowledge, so he bade his assassin do one last task. Zig turned on his own allies, leaving the outpost behind and sealing it magically. All save the assassin were now dead, and the assassin was sealed away for all time. Or so Zig believed.

    The assassin, a she-goblin, wasn't about to be locked up for eternity, but her love for Zig left her no choice. So, she made herself some friends to live with and while away the centuries. Several of Zig's followers were her 'friends' and she gave them the gift of unlife, not considering the lack of food available to sustain a single vampire, let alone a group. Within a year, all had fallen into torpor. There, hidden in the forest, is a silent tower. Filled with age-old vampires, crying out silently for one thing. Blood. Blood by the buckets. And should it ever come, they will try the seals that hold them inside. After centuries, will they still hold?
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