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Thread: Goblin Nonsense

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    Smiler stared into the priest's eyes, but it was the burning gaze of old Hrugo Bloodeye that gazed back at him. Smiler felt a wave of realization slamming into him, seeing the cannibal priest within this sniveling goblin. He wouldn't be coming to any great conclusions today, though, for the she-gob's axe smashed into him again, scattering his shriven soul as his form was destroyed. A shrieking wail, like over-tightened metal screws in a metal frame echoed down the halls. The tiny menace leading the troupe through this deadly Gauntlet was destroyed, but only for the moment, as Gorvgo well knew. He scrambled among the scattered bits, seeking the bones and gristle as much as the dirt and pebbles and metal shavings, greedily shoveling them into a pile on the floor.

    Gobs leaned forward, resting himself and gazing in adoration at Bubbisa. Her ax had clearly carried the day, from Gobs' point of view. "What next, Bubbisa?" Gobs smiled toothily to show her his support of her leadership.

    Strieg and Sparky knew immediately that something had happened, for Strieg's elemental came right back to its master. The clash of combat seemed to have ceased.

    We are officially out of initiative. Post at will. Good job gobbies. I smell a new level in the near future for you guys!

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    "Bubbisa strong! Where we go now bosslady?
    Gorvgo didnt wait ling for her response and began to scoop the remains of smiler i to his pouch.
    "Sorry Hug. Me needs this for my salad."

    Gorvgo will scoop remains into his pouch taking some tastes and licking his fingers as he goes.

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    Bubissa ended her rage as the gearghost exploded. She stood there for a second contemplating killing everyone around her, her frustrations were building. "Let go back to torch room and get everyone together. We decide what next then." She threw her axe over her shoulder and headed back to the room that had Sparky and Striebork in it. They now seemed to be looking at her as their leader... what was she gonna do with this mess?
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