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Thread: Goblin Nonsense

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    Gorvgo ran as fast as his stunted legs would carry him. He was blessed with long fingers and sharp claws to climb but in return he had been cursed with stilted legs that hindered his speed. He finally made it to the edge of the put and looked down to see Sparky.
    "Fire gobby!!" he cried in surprise "Gorvgo and rabbi hug thought u and blue skin dead for sure! Since u werent following w us figured bad creeper had eaten u or something…"
    staring down he saw that sparky was pinned to the spikes at the bottom. His blood leaking out of him. It made Gorvgo salivate a little. He began wondering what a fire gobl might taste like… but sparky's moans brought him back from these thoughts.
    "Hold on fire gob. Me come down and save you! Me be big hero this time!"
    With a big toothy grin Gorvgo hitched up his greasy robes and crawled down the side of the pit. He was careful to avoid the spikes that appeared to be covered in something. Excrement perhaps?
    He pulled Sparky from the spikes and tied the rope around his waste ignoring the pitiful moans of protest and then climbed back up with the limp form of the fire caster. He opened his mouth and poured one of his remaining potions down Sparky's mouth. And began dressing the festering wounds singing an odd somg about a pyooce chancellor saving a flaming ball of gas. Years of torturing had taught the mad priest a thing or two about keeping people alive…

    ooc. 2 rounds of double moves to make it to the bottom of the pit
    1 round to tie rope and get half way up pit (str check d20 17+0)
    1round to get to top and pull out flask (str check 15+0)
    1 round to pour flask and make heal check d20 nat 20!! +10!!, per(song) d20 11+6(insulting modifier)

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    Default Striegboirk

    Striegboirk tried to open the panel, wincing in anticipation. Striegboirk at least wanted to see inside before going to see if Sparkstar was dead or in need of Strigboirk's healing magic.


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