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Thread: Superball's Age of Mortals Campaign - Key of Destiny

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    Default Session 18 Loot Notes

    Hey everybody! Superball here. Remember last update when I said that the next time that you'd hear from me would be in a new thread for Spectre of Sorrows? I lied. It seems silly to make the first entry in that thread a Loot List from the last session, so I'm putting that here. The first entry in the Spectre of Sorrows thread will be Session Notes. In the meantime, HERE'S the last post of Key of Destiny:

    Session 18 Loot Notes

    From the Ogre:
    Staff of Bones - minor artifact. +1 Ghost Touch Quarterstaff
    Ring of Protection +2
    Major Ring of Resist Energy Fire
    Ioun Stone - Pink + Green (+2 CHA) [Caran Keeps]

    From Sindra:

    Hellfire Lash - +1 Flaming Burst Whip of Speed [Pidjit Keeps]
    Ring of Grace (+2 WIS) [Almarden or Jhandra Keeps?]
    Ring of Evasion [Krusk Keeps?]

    Huma Dragonbane's Dragonlance - +5 Holy Keen Greater Dragonlance

    Inside Altar Strongbox:
    6 Glass Vials of Steroids

    From the Phaethon:
    1 Tear of Mishakal Moderater - To be one, ask one!

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    I feel like your party was lucky that you didn't run the dragonspawn encounter as written after the Peak blows up. That is a potential TPK encounter.
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    Yeah, that fight nearly killed my guys.

    Anyway, great write-up! I read this not long after you posted, but it was late and I was sleepy so no commentary until now. I really liked the use of the bloody kender skeletons. That's one of my favorite Pathfinder templates.

    Also, this fight just proves that Gringolthan is always the bigger threat. I feel like in every write-up I read (and in my game), he works the party way harder than Sindra.

    Congrats on finishing the module. You guys are gonna' lap Ed's group soon.

    Now to go read your SoS journal!
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    I never imagined it would happen so soon. I am afraid the NPCs will know we have the Precious and covet it and try to take it away, nasty NPCs WE HATES THEM!

    Okay, I'm back.

    Seriously stoked we recovered a long lost Dragonlance from the creepy blood sacrifice potion manufacturing lair, though. A moment to cherish, the drama of which you built up nicely with the Shard of Light's beam and the voice of Huma and the dust that hid its true nature and glory amid empty racks.

    The fight with the ogre mage boss and his bloody kender skeleton army was intense. The scene setting was excellent (creepy altar, giant bloodpool bridged by two walkways, check!) and having a mind spell cast on Krusk when he entered was a real sweating palms moment. By the time the second, bigger wave of skeletons emerged I had this gnawing horror that new waves of undead would just keep coming till we were almost overwhelmed. (It's happened before---part of what SB jokingly calls "cleric PTSD.") Clerics definitely felt very useful and heroic here as with all undead fights, especially Becca's oracle exploding like twelve skeletons with one channel. Almarden had a great moment with his holy artifact sword too, and Caran had another of many glorious smite style finishing moves with Redeemer. Spellcasters like the ogre mage always make me jittery because, out of my many character deaths over the years, spellcasters were to blame for two thirds of them. Spellcasters are so unpredictable and can drop the whole party to half health or less if they aim just right. So it would have been even more white-knuckle if the ogre had thrown out a cone spell instead of limiting his actions to single target attacks---though in fairness his chosen tactics dropped Krusk and that is HARD.

    All that said, if I could offer one suggestion for the next time this boss encounter happens, it would be that Sindra the very cool dragonspawn with the sweet scary flame whip should not take on the whole party by herself after the other battle concludes. She should run in while the party is still dealing with the mage and skeletons so they can't all focus on her and throw everything they have at her in two rounds. She'll get a lot more hits in but probably not enough to kill someone. Especially if at least two of your next party's members can heal---and if they can channel energy, you're golden.

    To be fair though, much of what the party accomplished to beat the ogre mage and Sindra was through Hero Points to act out of turn before the villain. There's a huge advantage to acting first, or first and then second and third while the villain is soaking up punishment before even an initial attack. Perhaps the villains need Hero Points too like that one-shot you ran in Biloxi...

    Thanks for another rousing session! A heavy emphasis on combat can be very exciting and the encounters had such elaborately described and built opponents that each one felt interesting and full of possibility and danger.

    Escaping an erupting volcano while getting charged by two enemies from both directions and rescued by fiery winged creatures of legend: 5 panicky stars.

    Then I enjoyed the break of just hanging out and recuperating with the Phaethon, too, and RPing with the group and NPCs. And I quite enjoyed the voice and mannerisms you did for their Elder which lent him gravitas. Particularly his observation that the names of elven kings do not change often.

    Last notes:

    1) Finding the potions hidden in the altar that got randomly smashed as Krusk and Caran ran by felt like a really special reward for going the extra roleplay mile. You don't smash an evil altar in a crumbling, erupting volcano because you don't think it will get destroyed otherwise. You know it's a goner, but you do it anyway to flip the bird to the evil schemes and gods of your foes, a metaphysical hypothetical shout into the void of your dead enemies' total silence, "WHERE ARE YOUR GODS NOW?!"

    2) Finding out that plucky Parrick's beloved sibling Ralyn Whistlewalk was dead was a real shock, and a real bummer. It's that sobering truth that eventually slaps most heroes in the face: you can't save everyone, and this world is so much bigger than you and your Conan antics, and the ones you don't save will probably haunt you in the quiet moments more than you can imagine, and more often than you smile thinking of the grateful expressions of those you actually helped. It didn't make me happy, failing that side quest, but it was a significant moment that lent realism and grit to the setting.

    Really looking forward to our next chapter!
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