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Thread: DL 3 Dragons of Hope; IC; Chapter 3

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    In the woods of 'Hopeful Vale' somewhere in the Kharolis Mountains south of Pax Tharkas, Mid Morning thru Early Afternoon of 14 Hiddumont (October), 351 AC

    Gerald and the others in his party searched the Hobgoblin bodies and found a couple dozen iron pieces and 5 steel pieces along with several decent quality spears and daggers along with curved scimitars all forged in some place called 'Sanction', which meant nothing to any of them. After ensuring that there were no more patrols in the immediate area, the group returned to the make-shift community of 'Hopeful Vale' and gave poor Graziana a decent burial with Elistan saying some nice words over her body.

    After they gave their report to the leadership Council, Gerald was happy to receive a newly made Shorbow and quiver of a couple dozen arrows* from his new plainsmen friends later in the day and he discussed the Solamnic Knights more with his mentor Gavin while the make-shift community of refugees were a little more on the alert and concerned than usual due to the encounter with the patrol....

    *I TOTALLY forgot that Gerald was carrying a Bow and Arrows on him; DOH! Anyway, here's my retcon to make the earlier posts 'accurate'....

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    Inside the ruins of 'Skullcap'; somewhere in the swampy plains south and east of 'Hopeful Vale' somewhere in the Kharolis Mountains south of Pax Tharkas, late morning of 15 Hiddumont (October), 351 AC

    After a late night and long morning of intense studying; weapons practice with newly acquired items and praying to still newly-discovered Gods; the party of adventurers prepared to set out for what they all hoped would be the last major encounter in this dungeon and a discovery of the means to locate the fabled Dwarven home of Thorbardin and hopefully find a truly sage refuge for the freed prisoners of Pax Tharkas...

    Valentheran and Gilthanas had studied the spellbook of Theophilus the Red-Robed Mage and both had managed to learn a few new spells and copy them into thier own spell-books and they carefully commited which spells they wanted to have on hand for the possible battle with the Lich of Fistandantilus….

    In addition; Gilthanas had made sure that he could clearly pronounce the magical words needed to activate the two magical Automaton figurines he had been given; if and when he needed to use the one time items...

    Rough commited to memory the phrases that would unlock his new enchanted Dagger's powers against the Undead as well as getting used to the feeling of wielding both his newly aquired magical Quarterstaff and Sunbeam at the same time in an effective manner...

    Maxavel had used her last memorized Cure Light Wound spell the previous evening on the gravely wounded Paladin and then this morning, she had used her recharged Staff of Healing to heal each of her companions, along with herself, and she was pleased to see that the group as a whole looked MUCH less ragged and battered. She then carefully commited to memory the words required to utilize the pair of Automaton figurines when and if they would be needed. Finally, she bowed her head in prayer to her Goddess Mishakal and chose which spells she would utilize for the day...

    Thorn had made sure the enchanted Key Ring of 7 rings to something or somebody called Nuitari; were secure in a pouch and he also commited to memory the words required to activate the two little statures of spear and shield wielding minatures he had been given before making sure all of his arms and armor were in the best condition possible to meet any foe head-on….

    The previous night, Vale had filled the last two slots of his newly aquired Ring of Spell Storing with a Magic Missile and a Burning Hands spell; thus ensuring that the powerful magical items was fully loaded and ready to use. He also made sure he got some practice in with his powerfully enchanted Rapier….

    Garth Blackwood had spent the night in vigilant watch and then serious prayer to his God Kiri-Jolith and the following morning, after recieving the healing hands and Staff of Maxavel, he re-paid her kindness by using his Laying on Hands to fully treat all of her remaining wounds. He then ensured that his magical Broadsword was ready to use and his armor was in as good repair as possible for the occasion...

    Finally, after a meal the party set off in the direction that Garth had detected 'Great Evil' the day before, and which after taking a moment to concentrate, he confirmed still seemed to radiate as such today...

    Following a long, long corridor, they eventually came to a set of closed double doors with a strange statue in front of them, standing in the middle of the room. The statue is human-sized and appears to be of a middle-aged male wearing a hooded robe and carrying a large tome. The base of the statue has one word chiseled on it, KNOWLEDGE, and a small key-hole at the base….

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    Thorn digs out the keys of Nuitari and looks at the keyhole "If someone wants ta check fer traps fore I go stickin the keys of Nuitari, I'd appreciate it."
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    Stretches out the kinks and knots in his muscles after the healing is completed. He does winces as an old hitch in his back reminds him of the old injury he has carried for nearly two decades. "I suppose it heals the new hurts, not the old ones..." the grizzled old man mumbles to himself. He makes sure to say a little prayer of thanks to Mishakal for "Little Sister" and the blessings she gives out through her.

    Rough also makes sure to spend a good portion of their resting time in a deep meditation to his own god, ever seeking answers, rarely feeling like he gets any, always feeling calmer afterwards. "It's kind of like when you look over a lake that is white capping in a storm..." he would later say to the others while they sat together over their rations. "A sparrow can fly over those waves, but can he see himself? Not at all... but then when all those emotion and garbled up thoughts finally get put aside and under control, the lake is calm. When the sparrow can see himself like he were looking into a mirror, that is where I can feel my god."

    Shortly before they begin making preparations to go forward, he leans on his staff and get's that same hard odd look in his eye he gave them that first night that seems so long ago. His gaze falls on each and every one of them in turn. "We're all stark raving mad to be doing this. You know that don't you?" he pauses for a moment either in thought or to make sure they are all really paying attention. "Look... before you say it, I agree. We cannot leave this thing here to do whatever mischief it has been up to for the past hundred years or whatever. So I am with you, but when we step foot into this things lair, it isn't likely we're all going to make it out alive. So..." he pauses again looking away a moment before turning back. "I've been thinking. If things go south, I'm expendable. I can stand in the way however long as I can hold out while the rest of you get the hell out of this hole. My time on this world is close to over anyway. My bones hurt and frankly, I'm getting tired. All of you still have a lot of life to live. You should do that."
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    Vale joins Thorn at the door and examines the area for any signs of traps or other concerns.


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