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    Once she settled into her Grooze, her mind slowed and she thought long over her recent escapades. Hopping among the mountains of Northern Ergot she had seen evidence of her own people's lost legacy. She carried it with her at the bottom of her sack, loath to explore its power. Those same empty peaks brought her into contact with Windchaser, Perrius, and the Grey fey. The latter had given her a gift for others, sisters she now sought. It felt to her as if these folk would have the answers to her questions regarding the strange events affecting Krynn. Focusing her mental faculties, she sought for clues she may have missed. Solamnia's west coast revealed only vague stories of the devastation of the strange storms, called magestorms. Their cause was still unknown, though rumours pointed the blame at this Raistlin. The god-killer. Despite having no musculature, she shuddered. A world without song, a world without Branchalla's influence, want a place she wanted to imagine. She thought of a little prayer to her patron.
    "Branchalla, song-meister, composer of the song of the spheres, accept my thanks for the joy your works bring, for the better world we create through your music. Let that music and song shield you from this horrid mageling. Amen."
    Stress of the day and fatigue were drawing her down. Grooze relinquished her consciousness, now cleared by her prayers to Branchalla. Night dropped onto the plains, and the Grey smudge blended into the darkness...

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    Within the Grooze, her thoughts floated free. Unbound by traditional shape she let her consciousness drift, allowing her thoughts to grow and change, to connect and intersect. When she returned to full consciousness this often led to exciting revelations.
    Raistlin. Bright red letters that smoked and spat. His plans wreaked chaos on the world. His goals lead to annihilation.
    Magestorms. Glimmering dark purple with flashing yellow bursts. A physical manifestation of Raistlin's acts. Yet others spoke also of
    Lightstorms. Fluffy white with bursts of yellow inside. A counterstroke to the destruction of magestorms? Is it possible that
    Deities slain. As they fell their power was absorbed by Raistlin, so logic dictated. But so much of that power was spread across the planes, shared by
    Clerics of the gods... Perhaps these vessels of divine power held the key to saving the gods? And Krynn with them?
    Magestorms/lightstorms. The spillover of Takhisis power and the purging flames of Sirrion, reinvigorating? Were these storms reflections of the spilled power of
    Slain deities. Takhisis. Sirrion. Reorx. What might the split power of the World-Shaper manifest? Spontaneous creation?
    Sisters. Holders of knowledge. Gift receivers. What connection between folk of the stars and sisters of the (same) stars?
    Elders of The Irda sent out a recorder. An explorer. A star gazer. New stars. Was she now new...?
    Warm sunlight flashed over the horizon. The Grooze broke. In the simple dawn start she slipped form to Peggy, stretching after a night spent resting. Wings outstretched, she galloped hard across the plains, wings taking on ever more of her weight as she lifted ever so slightly from the earth, enraptured by the sensation of breaking free from the ground slowly, rising to wheel and dip. Spinning to face the sun, Peggy started her 2nd day of searching, making great loops in the sky.
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