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    Okay peoples; I just wanted to throw up a quick post about what has gone down so far as I realized that this game has been running for two years now and several players have come and gone and some roles been taken over by new players….so I thought having a 'quick summary' page might be of benefit!

    In the Universe of Dragonlance; the world is known as KRYNN and the continent these adventurers are taking place in is known as Ansalon. (Link to map forthcoming).

    The major humanoid races include: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Kender (Halfling size but skinny; happy-go-lucky picking-your-pocket-while-not-even-realizing-they-are-doing-it types), Gnomes (crazy inventors/tinkers), Ogres, Minotaurs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Trolls and Sligs (think hairless Bugbears).

    The 'big' backstory: Dragons have not been seen in over a thousand years and have become nothing more than legends and stories to almost everyone; there was a massive Cataclysm 350 years ago which literally changed the world in the form of a massive 'fiery mountain' smashing into the continent of Ansalon and creating seas/oceans where none had stood before; burying lands that DID exist; turning continental regions into islands, etc. It was done at the behest of the Gods due to the world becoming too arrogant and it was meant to teach the world to be more backfired. The sentient races turned their backs on the True Gods and began to worship false ones....or not believe in any at all. As a result, there has been no true clerics (and thus no magical healing) for several centuries now. The world has become a dark and isolated place.......enter the adventure...

    In-game: the whole story has taken place over the course of about 2 weeks

    -Late September, year 351 AC (After Cataclysm)

    Four people come together travelling south to the land of Abanasinia for various reasons. They are:

    -Garth Blackwood: A 19 year old human male from Solamnia who is a squire in the Knights of Solamnia and is accompanying a Dwarven companion on a mission to re-establish contact with a lost Dwarven nation to the south as a way to 'win his spurs'.

    -Thorn Stoneshield: A veteran Moutain Dwarf male warrior from the nation of Kaolyn (which neighbors Solamnia); Thorn accepted a mission to travel across the New Sea to the south and to determine if the ancient mountain Dwarven nation of Thorbardin in fact survived the Cataclsym and if so, to re-establish trade relations between Kaolyn and Thorbardin.

    -Maxavel Lar Vhon: A 29 year old human female from Northern Ergoth; Max grew up in a family of sailors and fishermen and learned the healing arts at an early age. When most of her family died in a plague, she became a sailor and ship's doctor on her Cousin's ship and it was on this ship that she met the Solamnic youth and Dwarven warrior. Shortly before the adventure began, she recieved a vision from a 'Goddess' in blue-white who told her it was her destiny to travel to the south with the Solamnic and the Dwarf and she followed the vision fervently….

    -Yuri (rest of name too long): A Gnomish Engineer working on rockets; his latest prototype carried him hundreds of miles on an exhilierating trip that ended in the middle of the New Sea; next to the ship carrying Max, Garth and Thorn and the sailors fished him out and he joined the companions on thier adventurers.

    Early travels: The party of 4 adventurers land in the region of Abanasinnia at a small town called Crossing. Hear they hear tell of the town to the south known as 'Solace' which is built in the boughs of massive Vallenwood trees and Maxavel 'feels' that she should travel to this place. They also hear of human barbarians who live on the plains to the East of Solace and known, appropriately as 'Plainsmen'. (Think American Indians)

    The heroes travel south and are at the Solace Town limits when a party of half-a-dozen Hobgoblins led by a fat Hobgoblin on a pony calls for them to halt and to pay a toll and fork over a 'Blue Crystal Staff' if they have it. He then tells the other Hobgoblins (in goblin, which most of the party speak) to 'kill them after collecting the toll' and rides off. The Hobgobs move in; the party fight back and pretty soon, the Hobgoblins are all dead. In the middle of the fight though; a human male Plainsman suddenly appears out of the underbrush and uses a Blue Crystal Staff to defeat one of the enemy and he then introduces himself as 'Walks-at-Night' of the Que-Kiri people and relates to Maxavel how he had travelled to a ruined city in a swamp and received the Staff (which looks normal most of the time, but glows Bluish-white and reveals its actually made out of crystal at special times) from a 'beautiful Lady in blue-white light' and told to carry it to its intended owner....Maxavel. Maxavel instinctively KNOWS that the man is telling the truth and she accepts the Staff in awe while 'Walks-at-Night' quickly leaves back into the brush again. In the aftermath of the combat; the Staff glows blue-white again and Maxavel's injuries are suddenly HEALED! Touching the staff to the other companions who are injured; the Staff heals them as well. This is the first instance of divine, magical healing anyone knows of in over 350 years. The staff is without question, an artifact of the true Gods!

    The party continues their journey to the south and they soon come to the tree-top town of Solace; and make their way to the Inn of the Last Home; nestled in the boughs of the massive Vallenwood tree; at least a hundred feet above the ground. They also learn that the town, almost entirely human in population, has recently fallen under the 'protection' of the Seeker faction (who rule the larger town of Haven, about 3 days travel to the West); who are using Hobgoblin and Goblin troops along with Human mercenaries. While this has made the townspeople uneasy, thus far, no bad incidents have occurred, though everyone has been told to be on the lookout for a 'Blue Crystal Staff'. Luckily for Max and the party; the Staff has gone back to looking like a regular, wooden staff.

    While taking a meal in the Inn, they overhear an old man storyteller telling a story of the old Gods to a wide-eyed youngster. A belligerent, drunken man; whom is later identified to them as one Hederick; one of the 9 'High Seeker Council' members and one currently in charge of things in Solace; attempts to shush the man and have his bodyguards arrested, but somehow the storyteller's voice keeps everyone at bay. He then looks over at Maxavel and tells her that the Staff is an artifact of the Goddess 'Mishakal'; the God of Healing and the Home; and that the Staff needs to be returned to the ruined city of Xak Tsaroth to the east of Solace.

    Shortly after that, bedlam ensues as Hederick stumbles to his feet and a loud argument is punctuated by an Elven Thief-mage and waiter at the Inn named Valentheran (or 'Vale' for short); clunks the Seeker over the head with a frying pan, knocking him out and causing the guards to scramble and call for backups to come and arrest the Elf and the party members. With Vale's help; the party flees the Inn and begins to set off to the East; with the capable Elven Thief-mage now accompanying them.

    The party decides to travel to the east, making for the distant ruins of Xak Tsaroth; traveling through the open plains first and coming across the recently charred and destroyed village of Que-Shu; one of the 3 settlements of the Plainsmen tribes. While several human and hobgoblin remains are found; tracks are also seen which indicate that some Plainsmen have been captured and taken to the south. They also see massive scorch marks and even melted stone; which even the Dwarf is unsure how that could have occurred. Grimly, the party continues their travels to the East. At night, to the North on the horizon can be made out the sight of many, many campfires...almost certainly indicating that a large, organized force has moved into Abanasinia. Probably an Army....

    They soon moved through a pass in a mountain change and then into a thick Ironclaw-tree-choked swamp. While in the swamp; they were ambushed by a force of Goblins and strange lizard-man-esque humanoids of 2 different types; which utilized magic and mundane paralyzing-agent-tipped weapons to capture the party. The party awoke in a make-shift village built in ancient ruins and they had been put into a wooden cage. The party surveyed their enemy before making an escape attempt and they learned that the lizard-man-like creatures were known as Draconians and there were two distinct species; the smaller brass colored 'Baaz' which when they were killed, turned to stone; and the larger and tougher bronze-colored 'Bozaks'; which could use magic spells and exploded when they died. The party made a move in the middle of the night and escaped the cage, defeating most of their captors, but one of the Bozaks uses a spell to turn Invisible and escapes. They then make their way deeper into the swamp; findings more signs they were in the middle of the ruins of an ancient city while they were at it.

    The soon came to an ancient well where clawed tracks, almost certainly those of the Bozak lead and a stragely preserved Temple, which drew Maxavel's attention while the rest of the party were suddenly confronted with the nightmarish sight of a Black Dragon bursting forth from the well and using magic and an acid-stream breath weapon against them. Poor Yuri the gnome is killed by the Dragon (player left the game); and the rest flee to the Temple while the mocking Dragon flies around one more time and then drops back down the massive well opening to an unknown lair.

    The party goes into the Temple and they are soon in the Temple's incredibly well-preserved main room where a life-sized statue of a woman with her arms out as if to hold something stands at attention. Maxavel KNOWS she is to place the staff in the statue's hands and after she does so; the Statue comes to life and everyone is immediately aware that they are in the presence of Divinity. The Goddess introduces herself as Mishakal, the healer and sends the party on a quest to the ruins of the city beneath the swamp to find the holy Disks of Mishakal; which lie in the Black Dragon Onyx's horde. They can defeat the dragon by bravely facing down the creature with the Crystal Staff and they can then use the Disks to get the truth about the Gods out to the world. The Gods had NEVER turned their backs on the people; instead, the people stopped believing in them. Now though; the evil Goddess Takhisis had awoken the Evil Dragons and formed an army to attempt to conquer the world; and knowledge of the Good Gods would be needed to defeat her schemes.

    The party then traveled down the stairs and into the ruined city in the caverns beneath the swamp and after a series of adventures, they did indeed defeat the Dragon by striking it with the Staff and they found the Disks and then fled the now-collapsing ruins of the City. Making it out through the Temple; Maxavel magically received a Medallion of Faith around her neck and learned all about how to become a Cleric by studying the Disks and with a final message from Mishakal, learned that she was to take the Disks to a 'chosen one and true leader of the peoples'; whom she would know when she found him. The Blue Crystal Staff becomes part of the Statue again; but another magical staff is created and given to Maxavel to use; though this one is not crystal. While traveling; Garth feels compelled to study the Disks as well and he soon receives incite from another of the True Gods of Good; Kiri-Jolith; the God of honorable combat; and he becomes Krynn's first Paladin in centuries.

    Leaving the swamps and moving back towards Solace; the party sees smoke on the horizon and they soon learn that Solace has been ravaged and occupied by the 'Red Wing' of the Dragonarmies and they are soon captured by the same fat Hobgoblin they encountered before they had ever actually entered Solace; one Fewmaster Toede and his force of Hobgoblins, Goblins and Draconians....including yet ANOTHER type of Draconian; the copper colored Kapak. Kapaks were bigger than Baaz but smaller than Bozaks and they had the ability to lick their weapons which coated them with a paralyzing poison. They also turned into a pool of damage-causing acid when they were killed. The heroes were thrown into a special cage-wagon; along with several other people, including a young Elf who knew Vale when they were younger; Gilthanas.

    Gilthanas was the second son of the 'Speaker of the Sun' of the Qualinesti Elven nation to the south of Solace; in essence, a prince. He had been charged with learning about this mysterious 'army' to the north and with a small group of warriors, he attempted to learn what he could about them and in fact he learned that the army; the Red Wing of the Dragonarmies; was composed of a large force of several races, including at least half-a-dozen Red Dragons! The Elf's force was discovered and in a fierce battle, he managed to escape while his men were either killed or captured. Those captured were made a public example of; which Gilthanas saw when he tried to go and free them; they were tied to stakes and burnt to death by the breath weapons of a massive Red Dragon who was ridden by a human who called himself; 'The Dragon Highlord Verminaard'. Gilthanas would have rushed out to die with them, but he was restrained by Solace's blacksmith, Theros Ironfeld.

    Gilthanas tried to go incognito, but he was discovered with the heroes in a battle in the remnants of the Inn and imprisoned with them; along with Theros whose arm was hacked off and his body tossed into the wagon-cage with the others. Maxavel healed the injured Blacksmith and the wagon-train; with many guards, was soon on its way to the Iron mine and fortress in the mountains to the South-East known as Pax Tharkas. During the trip; the party learns that almost all of human occupied Abanasinia has been captured or razed by the Red Wing; including the towns of Solace, Gateway, Haven, New Ports and the Plainsmen villages of Que Shu, Que Kiri and Que Teh. Gilthanas is very worried about his woodland realm of Qualinesti.

    The convoy travels close to the forest edge of Qualinesti and a sudden Elven ambush gives the heroes the chance to escape; which they do. They are then lead by Gilthanas to the capital city of Qualinost and meet Gilthanas' family; his older brother; the heir-apparent and humorless warrior Porthios; his father, the Speaker Solostaran; and his younger sister, the gorgeous but still immature Laurana. The party soon learns that Gilthanas and Vale grew up as the best of friends, until Laurana revealed she had a crush on the 'commoner' Vale and Gilthanas didn't much care for that idea. Vale soon left the Elven lands; and now, five years later; things are much the same....Laurana still has her crush and Gilthanas still isn't too thrilled with the idea; never mind the fact that Vale isn't interested.

    On a more important note; the Elves are preparing to abandon their ancient lands by taking ships to the West and sailing to the large island of Southern Ergoth, where ancient treaties state they can expect to find safety. The Speaker explains that while the Elves are a formidable fighting force; there is little they can do against flying, fire-breathing Dragons. They also relate that the Dragon Army has a substantial force located at the ancient fortress of Pax Tharkas; built by a combination of Humans, Elves and Dwarves a long, long time ago; and that the iron mine there is being worked by survivors of the various towns in Abanasinia conquered by the Red Wing. Verminaard, the Highlord, has whole families taken prisoner and he uses the threat of violence against the women and children to force the men to work the mines. The Elves though, have learned of a secret way into the lower chambers of the mountain fortress and ask the heroes to utilize it on a mission to infiltrate the fortress and try to free the prisoners as a way to help buy time for the Elves to escape before the Dragonarmy attacks them. The fortress, which straddles the only mountain pass for miles around; also has a 'last ditch' defense which will drops tons of rocks to block the pass; which can be employed by the heroes to 'clog up' the Red Wing for awhile as well.

    The party agrees to the mission and they set out with Gilthanas leading the way. The party finds a battle site with numerous dead humans and hobgoblins and a few surviving Draconians. The Draconians are defeated and a lone human warrior with a bumped head revives consciousness and introduces himself as Eben Shatterstone of Gateway. He was a member of a group of guerrillas fighting the Red Wing and was knocked unconscious during the fight. He quickly decides to join the party. After a fight with a couple of trolls; the party finds the hidden entrance to the ancient caverns and tunnels that take the group under the fortress of Pax Tharkas.

    There the party finds the resting place of the ancient Elven King Kith-Kanan and combat soon ensures with a Giant Slug who had taken up residence in the caverns. Kith-Kanan's enchanted rapier; Wyrmslayer magically finds its way to Valentheran's hand; and the slug is soon defeated. The party also finds a score of undead Zombies and Maxavel and Garth TURN some of them and the party defeats the rest in combat and then the adventurers make their way into the bowels of the Fortress.
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